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Siddhitech Stainless Steel Company



Siddhitech Stainless Company Pune, better known as SSCO, is one of the largest steel drains manufacturing companies in Pune. Despite being the industry leader, SSCO wanted to get on the fast track of growth by transforming itself into the Brand that their customers could identify and recall quickly. They wanted to stay one step ahead in this age of aggressive digital marketing. Given our comprehensive services, skills and experience - SSCO Pune chose WDsoft to redesign all their branding platforms. The platforms included physical and digital ones.

Logo Re-Design - Any brand redesign begins with the LOGO. Before re-designing the logo and the branding collateral, it was necessary to understand the persona of the audience. Since the end users of the SSCO products were urban home buyers. Our brand strategists decided to associate "Robustness", "Elegance", "Urbanity" and "Compactness" with the logo. It is important to consider how the logo would be perceived on diverse media platforms - digital and physical. The new logo was designed to reflect on the character of the products manufactured by the company. The design and the font style of the logo text reflect the "robust" and "compact" nature of the product/company while the colors signify their application - urbane and elegant. Black, Grey and Red colors were chosen to "fortify" the character of the logo. Black color in the logo signifies urban luxurious lifestyle and authority. The grey shade reflects on the "Steel" character. The red color emphasizes happiness and power.

Website Re-Design - Given the nature of the products our web designers created a "brochure" style mobile-friendly website [] that would portray wide range of drain products. Our content writers created the requisite product information. The website is designed to be search engine friendly and attract organic search traffic. It features requisite on-page SEO like keywords in meta tile, description, images and content.The website UI has the same colors that are used on all other branding platforms.

Stationery Design - Since SSCO Drain is a B2B Company we known how important it is to have the office stationery oriented to "brand identity". WDsoft Pune's graphic designing team created a variety of office stationery with the relevant branding theme. This included letterheads, business diaries, stamps, envelopes, business cards and office accessories. All the business graphics feature the same color scheme used in the logo design. There is also significant use of "square" shapes in the graphics to emphasize on trust and solidity.

Brochure - A brochure being the most important of the branding collateral for any B2B company, our designers created an immaculate products' brochure for SSCO. The brochure is rich in info-graphics featuring the drain products, manufacturing facility, client testimonials and other key business USPs. WDsoft Pune's brochure design services include design and printing.

Product Photo Shoot Services - The product photos are self-explanatory, they reveal all the information of the product which even thousand words cannot. Our commercial photographers clicked crisp, vivid and high-def product photos in our Pune studio. The same images are used across wide range of branding collateral - physical and digital.


- WDsoft created a new identity for SSCO while capturing its core essence, value proposition and end customer in sight. Our 360 degree Marketing Campaign based on SSCO's clients yielded more than the ideal outcomes. New wholesalers and channel Partners began drawing closer, counseling and joined forces with SSCO for their current and future steel seepage prerequisites. Business developed at a quick pace helping them create a lot increasingly new clients and rehash business.