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Calix Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.


Calix is a pharmaceutical marketing company specialising exclusively in ophthalmology. They have an extensive range of 21 eye care products. These needed to reach to the end customer without getting lost in the crowd of innumerable eye care products that may not be necessarily authentic. Moreover they have been continually updating the eye care products range with innovative approach. This must be reached to the desired and right audience to utilise it.

Our Response
After broadly breaking down Calix eye care items go, WD delicate chose to execute a comprehensive Digital Marketing and Branding campaign. We began with updating their Product Logo DesignPackaging DesignBrochure Design. Not halting there, we detected the need to display the items and thus structured slow down and stand show battles. Engaging Web structure and web hosting backing abandons saying.

This exercise increased the much needed visibility and presence of Calix and its eye care products in their targeted segment and enabled them to introduce their updated products time and again. Now Calix has trusted WD soft completely with all their marketing updation and support needs. And hence we have earned a happy client who does repeat business with us.