Documentary Film Making Case-Study

About the project






About the Client

SUFALAM Institute of Agricultural Sciences is focused on delivering services, products and solutions in agriculture. The institute also undertakes research and development on various topics of concern in agriculture and sustainability. SUFALAM has a highly qualified team of experts, scientists and research scholars. The ultimate goal is to create farmer-friendly solutions for sustainable and profitable agriculture.

Requirement of the Client

The client desired to make a documentary video that showcases the company profile and highlights their strengths, products and range of services. The client wanted to cover all important aspects and the basic objective of their agricultural initiatives. SUFALAM Institute of Agricultural Sciences trusted WDSOFT Pune for making this video documentary. WDSOFT Pune is a trusted branding and advertising agency with various prestigious films in its work portfolio.

The Challenge

The challenge of WDSOFT was to make an impeccable documentary video that effectively captured SUFALAM’s work and initiatives. This involved developing a compelling script and a well-planned visual treatment to ensure a cohesive and impactful documentary. We aimed to create a comprehensive video that documented the client’s overall work. Meeting this challenge needed a balanced blend of creativity, attention to detail, and effective communication.

Our Solution

WDSOFT Pune offered a diversified range of services to SUFALAM to ensure that their Video Documentary Film was a success. Our team developed a strong concept that aligned with the client's vision and goals. Further, we created a script focusing on effective storytelling techniques to engage the viewer and capture their attention and interest.

The next step was to conduct the entire video production process, including shooting and editing, to create a visually stunning documentary film. To further enhance the film, we provided voiceover services to ensure that the message was conveyed clearly. For the BHU Exhibition, we designed and installed attractive banners that focused on the client's work. The highlight of our solution was that we printed the banner on an eco-friendly cotton print option, which aligned with the client's commitment to sustainability.


To sum up, WDSOFT Pune was committed to provide comprehensive services that met all of the client's needs and ensured a successful project outcome. Our expert and experienced team gave their best. The Video Documentary Film of SUFALAM Institute of Agricultural Sciences was well appreciated by the client. It was showcased at major events and it achieved the desired target.