Profile Video Making for a Corporate Farming Company INDIA

About the project




Agri Companion India


About the Client

Agri Companion India wants to change the perspective to look at farming from liability to profitability. Since 2015 the company has invested in Agri infrastructure and a professional team to gather expertise of agriculture consultancy under one roof. Agri Companion is helping 300+ plus farmers by doing contract farming on 450+ acres land. The company is doing extensive research in agriculture, focusing on the land, climate and catering to the market demands to make farming a profitable industry. It is a bridge between the farmer and investors.

Requirement of the Client

Agri Companion India wanted WDSOFT Pune to do the Hindi Version of its Corporate Video The client wanted to showcase its services and focus areas and to reach out to wider Hindi speaking farmers and related professionals. The client involved WDSOFT as a reliable branding agency and the brief was to do the film with excellent Hindi script.

The Challenge

WDSOFT Pune was supposed to produce a corporate video that could successfully showcase the work and initiatives of Agri Champion. This necessitated creating an effective Hindi script and a thoughtfully structured visual approach to ensure a unified and impactful documentary. Our goal was to produce a comprehensive video and to accomplish this, we needed a balanced mix of creativity, meticulousness, and communication.

Our Solution

WDSOFT Pune took a problem-solution approach. The creatively written Hindi script showcased the problems faced by the farmers and how Agri Companions is inspired by the Atma Nirbhar Bharat Scheme to empower the farmers for a sustainable future. WDSOFT took the brief and insights from the client and came up with a great concept and flow. The script and the visual treatment complemented each other perfectly. We conducted the shoot and gave emphasis on every aspect of the client’s business.


WDSOFT Pune created a very thorough Hindi Corporate Video for Agri Champion. It was a great image building tool for the client, and gave a boost to his business. The corporate video was well made, and highly appreciated by the client and his specific customers. WDSOFT delivered an excellent communication to Agri Champion, and added to the agency portfolio of creative and purposeful work.