Website Re-Designing, Revamping | Total Makeover

If there arises a need of Website Redesigning/Revamping or total “Makeover”, it means that either your website has not been designed properly, is full of errors, or is not structured properly, is not mobile friendly, has been a victim of hacking, does not have good UI/UX, you want change the theme, lacks quality content or is not SEO-focused. Whatever the case may be WDsoft offers customized website re-designing services that will put your website back on the track. If you feel your website is lacking and needs to be re-designed, you have to act now. You cannot ignore the website aspect any longer. A “broken” website is not only bad for your business but also tarnishes your brand.

A Poor Website Design is one that lacks PLANNING. Website designing require meticulous planning. You have to create a “map” or a “tree-structure” of your website first, decide what would be the content and how it would be structured and represented across pages. Depending upon the purpose and nature of your Business you have to choose the appropriate Content Management System. If your website lacks in any of the above areas we say that the website is poorly designed. At WDsoft we can fix these issues with our re-designing solutions.

A website needs to be designed by a competent individual or agency. Often it is observed that people put more focus on the “look and feel” aspect and completely ignore the functionality part of various features and elements of the website. This can cause errors and page loading issues making your website SLOW and non-communicative. This gives the visitor a bad web experience and has a direct effect on your brand. At WDsoft our experienced web-designers can re-design your website that is a perfect synergy of User Interface and User Experience across all devices and browsers.

Website should be structured appropriately, particularly sites with enormous measure of DATA. After all website is the medium through which you present the information to the client. The website structure is again a piece of Proper Web Designing. A legitimate website structure makes it simpler for the client to discover the data he is searching for. In a very much structured website the data is orchestrated and showed in a right way. A site structure spreads parcel of components like Index page and its data and components, URL structure, classifications and sub-classes, item/administration pages, blog, news/official statements, sitemaps, search, security, terms of utilization, disclaimers, organization profile and information and so on. At WDsoft we re-planning your old site and change it into a well-organized site

Your old website does not render properly on the smartphone and mobile devices. The smartphone revolution calls for a new set of website designing standards. At WDsoft our web designers are thoroughly proficient in designing mobile-friendly RESPONSIVE websites without curtailing the features and functionality of your website. We can re-design your existing OLD website and transform it into a new-age RESPONSIVE one.

Often websites get hacked. Hacking is that BADDEST thing that can happen to your website. But not all is lost even if your website is hacked. We have through experience of re-designing and putting hacked websites back on track. We employ security measures that make your website code safe and immune to hacking.

A bad UI/UX experience can lower your brand value. There are various reasons that can create bad UI/UX some of them are mentioned above. At WDsoft we forge error-free coding with pleasant graphics to give your re-designed website the best of UI and UX that will boost your brand identity.

It often happens that you get bored with you website’s look and you think of changing the “theme” or the “look” of your website. Some business models often have to change the THEME of their website to match their branding theme or to reflect on the changing seasons, trends etc. At WDsoft we can do a complete or partial revamp of your website to suit your needs. Our designers and artists are adept in creating new THEMEs that are in perfect harmony with your branding activities.

Lack of quality content on your website often creates a need for total REVAMP of your website. WDsoft has the best content writers who can deliver the niche content required to add value to your website.

We understand that Website Re-designing/Revamping or often called as “Website Makeover” shouldn’t be treated casually. There are various implications of such website redesigning on the SEO part especially when you want to retain the existing SEO footing. As a seasoned website redesigning company we have a thorough understanding of all the aspects of website redesigning and its effect on the SEO affairs. Our website redesigning methodology is SEO-oriented and is directed towards sales and lead generation.