Benefits of Video Marketing for Businesses – A 2023 Perspective

Benefits of Video Marketing for Businesses – A 2023 Perspective

Benefits of Video Marketing

What is Video Marketing?

What is Video Marketing

As the name indicates, video marketing refers to using video (usually of two to five minutes’ duration) to market products or services online.

It is a new marketing strategy which involves creating short videos to illustrate a given product, service or topic and then uploading it on video sharing websites.

Video marketing is slated to be the next big thing on the Internet that marketers are keenly exploring for the purpose of advertising, disseminating information/ knowledge or to connect with target audience over something significant.

Video marketing can also be regarded as a type of internet marketing campaign that has an edge over traditional means of online marketing. It encompasses corporate videos, how-to videos, training videos, entertainment videos, live event coverage videos and many more advertisers can choose from as per their requirement.

Why Video Marketing? – Benefits of Video Marketing

Benefits of Video Marketing

A host of benefits associated with video marketing make it a preferred mode of connecting with customers online today. It is achieving phenomenal popularity on account of the host of advantages it offers, which includes:

Greater Impact and Retention: It’s a known fact that the human brain gets stimulated more by visuals than plain words. It is able to retain more information presented in the form of audio visuals, especially when it’s fused with audio. The combination of video and audio is becoming a powerful tool that marketers are exploiting to capture online customers’ attention.

Growing Popularity across Platforms: Breakneck speed in advancements in technology and increase in the number of platforms (YouTube being a sort of pioneer) have made it easy for video marketing to reach wider audience easily now. Besides, more and more people are using smart phones and accessing content on it, which extends to videos marketing products/ services. As a result, people are accessing video marketing platforms on their phones, which is contributing to its growth.

Reduced Costs: There’s no need to pay exorbitant amount of money to advertising professionals, thanks to videos now available online. Also, these videos are not so difficult to make, especially with some help taken from a close one if needed.

Better Technology and Resources: New technology and resources hit the market frequently today, which can be utilized for learning and making videos for marketing products services today. Many courses, online tutorials and lessons on making videos are being offered today. One can also go online and learn the nuances of making slick videos that make an impact.

Enhanced Visibility Factor: Video marketing amplifies scope for a company’s product or service being noticed much more easily as it is present online, appears more appealing than plain text or audio and presents things far more clearly.

Video Marketing Ideas

Video Marketing Ideas and Tips

Opting for a nice video making idea boosts the impact that products and services can make on audiences. Some of the tricks that are known to work and are worth implementing are:

  • Devising a powerful video content marketing strategy through analysis, observation, feedback and consultation
  • Incorporating interesting elements in the video to grab customers’ attention
  • Coming to the main point instantly
  • Providing for call to action, especially at an interesting juncture
  • Making your presence felt on online community
  • Keeping tabs on competition
  • Sharing your video widely, unreservedly
  • Adding customer testimonials
  • Investing in promoting the video on social media
  • Devoting time to put up FAQs related to your product or service

Video Marketing vs Content Marketing

It’s a battle between the old and the new. Content marketing has been around much longer. It is associated predominantly with written form of communication. Video marketing, on the other hand, is exclusively about videos created for consumption with an aim to promote something.

Right now, video marketing per se is gaining immense popularity. Some industry observers even estimate that video marketing has shown more than 100% growth. At the same time, one cannot simply say that content marketing will lose its importance. Video marketing has a definite edge because it appeals to senses, and marketers are regarding it as a preferred mode of communication and promotion. At the same time, one cannot write off content marketing; it is here to stay and most likely will even as other forms gain prominence.

Video Marketing and Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a broader term that encompasses any type of digital medium that promote products or services. It includes SEO, web analytics, e-mail marketing, electronic billboards, mobile phones and more. Video marketing is essentially video-based marketing that caters to specific areas by disseminating information through videos. It would be fair to say that both are relevant in their own places.

Video Marketing Platforms

Video marketing platforms are fast becoming an important vehicle for social media marketers today. Thanks to availability of online content including videos on smart phones, video marketing platforms are seeing a huge boost in customer traffic. YouTube has been a numero uno video marketing platform and truly a household name. Other known names are Vimeo, Snapchat, Periscope, Brightcove, Wistia, etc. which are extremely popular.

Video Marketing for Real Estate

There are very strong reasons to believe that video marketing has the power to play an instrumental role in promoting real estate business too. Videos for real estate give one a glimpse into a new home or property being considered for purchase, for marketing real estate services and to enhance visibility. Real estate dealers can expand business easily and be sure of getting noticed easily. Since video marketing clips are pretty short, most people have the time and patience to view them, and take better decisions without having to visit the concerned location physically.

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