A Glimpse of Projects Completed by WDSOFT in March-April 2022

A Glimpse of Projects Completed by WDSOFT in March-April 2022

Clients come with expectations, and WDSOFT Brand Agency in Pune ensures that each client receives a highly personalized, unique experience, whether they are looking for branding, digital marketing or advertising solutions. WDSOFT has been on a mission for the past ten years to better connect our clients with their customers both online and offline to enhance engagement and income.


This is our viewpoint. We feel it in our bones. Because the only way to achieve great work and have great relationships is to work together. We’re ecstatic to showcase the work we’ve done for our clients to help them attain their goals. Let’s walk through some of our newest and most successful services by our team.

Logo Design for Kalyatatva

Kalyatatva roots in the nature element, their Cold-pressed oils from “Lakdi Ghana” maintain all the flavour, aroma, and nutritional content, making them ideal for health. Their organic products are prominently nutritious and healthy and are essential for living a healthier life. Our skilled and thoughtful logo designers were tasked with creating an organic, modern, untangled and pleasing monogram. Our team featured green color in a modern font style text, ‘Kalyatatva’ is featured symbolizing the life letter ‘k’ is furbished on top of the text with leaves in orange to reflect health. The combination of these two colors reflects a good healthy life. The logo design is magnificent to work on digital and physical platforms.

Green Valley Real Estate Logo Design

Green valley sells plots in the scenic Panshet dam, Pune. Their accommodation provides you with easy access to the city center of Pune and proximity to nature. However, the client came to WDSOFT, Pune with high expectations, and and it is WDSOFT’s top responsibility to meet those objectives. GREEN VALLEY, as the name says, brings you near to the nature. WDSOFT’s artistic logo designers wanted to preserve it in the logo to support consistency. The creative process of logo designing set off with vigorously searching for an idea. While designing the logo, we were inspired by building a house or a farmhouse close to nature and away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Our designers efficiently designed a typography logo. In the logo, the text, GREEN VALLEY, is displayed in deep green #000838, symbolizes nature, and provides excellent color contrast to the logo. The letter ‘G’ in the text features a luxurious home icon that depicts a home nestled in a valley surrounded by nature. This logo features a modern creative font.

Dharma Real Estate Logo Design

Dharma is in partnership with Pune’s fastest-growing, largest wholesale trade market Maha Trade Market in Maharashtra. The iconic style logo design that our logo designers designed at WDSOFT is our all-time favourite. Before we started working on the logo project, the client was keen that the logo should ideally include some visual reference to Dharma, which wasn’t an unreasonable request given the circumstances. The logo design is based on an image of a sunflower that represents dharma, which is ideal, trustworthy, and stands out in nature. The logo is precise and modest. The icon of a sunflower holds most of the weightage, while the colors; mustard yellow and Persian blue add freshness and are particularly stunning. The client was kind with the feedback and appreciated us after seeing the logo.

In the end, it turned out to be quite a rewarding logo project to work on.

PENO Logo Design

PENO is a new Indian ethnic clothing brand that specializes in traditional embroidered Banjara dresses and accessories. Our logo designers used the colors blue and dark red to craft a monogram. Peno’s logo includes a portrayal of mirrors, stitching, and an embroidery pattern, as it is a traditional handicraft apparel brand. The blue in the monogram signifies the region’s trustworthiness, knowledge, serenity, and simple way of life. The color red reflects the hard work, enthusiasm, and exhilaration of Gor Banjara women. The combination of these two colors pays homage to the region’s rich history and its distinctive people.

OM Kailash Logo Design

Our first step was to research and determine the strengths of the Om Kailash brand. Located at the Krishna River, the facility had some considerable advantages. The goods were all-natural and of high quality. All of the company’s branding and labels had to be designed. The first step was to decide on the stylistic components and colors. The goal was to make the design easy-peasy and graceful. We identified salient elements, motifs, and structures as the production process proceeded.

IQS Logo Design

We wanted to hit the nail on the head because they wanted a global standard logo. IQS Systems’. As in the logo, the circle represents the company’s global strategy, while the structure symbolizes its infinite product offerings. IQS is displayed by the letter I symbolically, which stands for international and infinity. Customers are captivated by the logo, which depicts the furnace’s process in a highly elevated and corporate style. The texture of the engraving and the tagline, “Making Metal Work for You” makes it easy for buyers to remember the company.

PENO e-Commerce Website Design

For the clothing start-up brand PENO, we also designed an e-Commerce website [PenoIndia.com]. The website is forged by WordPress and Woo-commerce content management systems. In addition to being mobile-friendly, the website is loaded with on-page SEO components and appropriate content to help it rank higher in search engines. The website’s e-commerce product content is also designed in-house.

IQS Website Design

We designed and developed the industrial website for IQS Systems’ customers and clients [IQSIndustries.com]. As a renowned industrial brand design agency in Pune, we undertook photography, content writing, and development on the house.

SuccessBooster.in Website Design

Success Booster Website Design

It’s sometimes beneficial to show rather than tell. For a dynamic look for Success Booster, a recruitment firm helps organizations attract and hire the best candidates. Our website design team created a content-rich, SEO-ready responsive B2B website.

Green-Valley.in Landing Page/Website Design

Green Valley Website Design

Our website designers created a website-cum-landing page for a Real Estate Agency that offers farmhouse plots near Panshet Dam, Pune. The landing page is to be used for the Google Adwords Campaign that our digital marketing team has set up for the real estate firm. The website is SEO optimized, Lead Generation oriented & Conversion tracking ready.

MTMBibwewadi.com Landing Page/Website Design

MTM Website Design

We are well adept with implementing successful digital marketing campaigns for Real Estate Businesses. The other real estate client for whom we provided digital marketing services is MTMBibwewadi.com. The client is a channel partner of SOLITAIRE [MTM Bibwewadi] – Pune’s largest wholesale trade market located in Bibwewadi. Services also include Google Adwords Campaign Management for the real estate firm.

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