Real Estate Digital Marketing Company in Pune | Real Estate Lead Generation

Real Estate Digital Marketing Company in Pune | Real Estate Lead Generation

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WDSOFT Digital Marketing Company Pune provides END-to-END lead generation solutions for Real Estate businesses in Pune.

Green Valley Website Design is a real estate business that sells land plots near the Panshet dam, near Pune. Green Valley is a trusted brand in Real Estate in Pune. It has a reputation for the quality of construction, commitment, timely delivery, and customer satisfaction. With extensive experience and expertise in real estate, Green Valley has built a string of prestigious projects.

MTM Website Design

Maha Trade Market is Maharashtra’s largest and the most modern trade market located in Bibwewadi, Pune. Consisting of 18 markets, 2000+ shops, and 20 lakh sq. ft. trading space, MTM is a brand that stands for opportunity and prosperity.

Digital Marketing Challenge

The challenge for WDSOFT was to deploy Lead Generation campaigns for both the above-mentioned Real Estate Companies using Digital Marketing channels. Green-Valley real estate firm caters mostly to a B2C audience while MTM Bibwewadi has a purely B2B audience as they sell commercial properties. Every Digital Marketing/Lead Generation campaign begins [most of the time] with a good SEO-friendly website design. Our website designers created SEO-ready websites for both the Real Estate companies. At WDSOFT it is our policy to design websites that rank higher in Search Engines and we do that without our clients asking for it. We at WDSOFT Pune are equipped with the requisite resources, skills & expertise to build successful real estate Digital Marketing campaigns. With relevant competitive analysis, domain research, and insights into the strengths of the client, we set out to ideate. A brief from the client was greatly helpful.

Strategy & Goal

The overall strategy was to drive targeted visitors [that have a higher probability of converting into a LEAD] from organic and paid search platforms to the website/landing page. The Website strategy was to create a fast-loading, mobile-friendly, SEO-optimized & informative website with lead generation form. The strategy for the SEO campaign was to implement strong On-Page factors. The content strategy is to focus on the key USPs of Real Estate properties. The strategy for real estate’s PPC campaigns [Google Adwords] was to reach the target audience all over the world & generate maximum leads with the budget at our disposal.

Keyword Research

Thorough keyword research was carried out to identify various sets of keywords for SEO as well as Google Adwords Promotion. Our SEO analysts, Google Adwords experts, and website designers worked together to come up with the correct “Keyword-Content Map” that is natural and search engine friendly. Tools used for Real Estate keyword research were Google Trends, Google Suggestions & Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Content Creation for Real Estate Websites

At WDSOFT, we believe in the power of good content. Content marketing builds customer awareness, generates leads, and increases conversions. Content is an indispensable part of any Real Estate digital marketing strategy. A good content strategy is important for a successful digital campaign. Based on the client brief and our research we developed the content for the website. Our Content Writers developed content for website & PPC landing pages for Green Valley and MTM Bibwewadi. The content was drawn from the key USPs of the properties and was attuned to suit the potential property buyers of the respective companies. Content Marketing activities include informative blog-type articles, on:

  • Amenities & Features of the properties
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Value Appreciation
  • Future Growth Opportunities
  • About the Locality
  • Business Specific Benefits

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Real Estate Companies

SEO is an integral part of Real Estate Digital Marketing strategy. SEO drives consistent traffic and is the most enduring of digital marketing strategies. Search Engine Optimization makes your website at a higher position in Search Engines and gives you a competitive edge. SEO increases real estate website visibility, user traffic, conversion rate, and ROI (Return on Investment). At WDSOFT SEO Company Pune, SEO begins at the website design phase. The website is planned with SEO in mind. While doing SEO for the Real Estate companies, we implemented strong On-Page SEO with INFORMATION [CONTENT] being the dominant factor. The other factors are:

  • Keyword density
  • Title Tag Optimization
  • Internal Linking
  • Keyword Prominence
  • Keyword/Entity Salience
  • Siloing
  • Image SEO & Alt Tag Optimization
  • Geolocation SEO
  • Anchor Tag Optimization for Internal Linking
  • The result of the SEO Digital Marketing campaign was that both the websites gained top positions for all the business keywords in organic search listings.

SEO for Real Estate Client

SEO for Real Estate Client

MTMBibwewadi Pune SEO Google Search Console

Google Adwords PPC for Real Estate

Google Adwords is the best Lead Generation channel as far as Digital Marketing is concerned, particularly for Real Estate businesses. Our Google Adwords PPC Marketing team at WDSOFT Pune set up the account and the campaign was up and running in a day! The strategy was to achieve higher Ad Rank by optimizing the key parameters such as Quality Score, Ad Relevance, Landing Page Experience, etc, Higher CTR, etc. The goal of the paid digital marketing ads was to generate as many leads as possible with the given budget and scope. Since the investors in the real estate properties are spread all over the world, the digital marketing campaigns in the PPC accounts were designed in such a way that the Google ads would be visible to relevant searches in the whole world, and yet care was taken that no unwanted traffic consumed the advertising budget. The result of the planned execution of the Google Adwords PPC Digital Marketing campaigns was that the Real Estate companies started generating leads from the day the digital marketing campaign went live. The Google Adwords Digital Marketing accounts of the real estate companies were steadily optimized further after interpreting the insights. The particular parameter that was optimized was the negative keywords list to improve CTR & Conversion.


WDSOFT Pune as a trusted digital marketing agency offered the client Green Valley and MTM Bibwewadi comprehensive solutions to their requirements. The client was happy with the quality content and website design. With timely and strategic use of SEO and Google Adwords, we gave the website a good ranking. The client got leads as per his expectations and it translated into business growth. WDSOFT is extremely glad to have fulfilled the quality commitment and growth promise given to the client. The project was a success.

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