Product Label Designer in Pune

Product Label Designer in Pune

Product Label Design Services
Good product label design improves the chances of the product being bought by the customer.

Why Choose WDsoft Pune over Online Label Design Software and Templates?

Labels can be designed with free software programs, templates, inputs of a freelancer and printing services available externally. Quite a few people do that, but the fact is, it doesn’t yield professional results. Renowned, well-respected brands don’t do that, and those who want to reach high steer clear of it.

Templates, for instance, look encouraging, but they cannot be customised easily. Moreover, others may use the same template, so sooner or later, you are bound to come across it, which will create awkwardness.

Cost of Acquiring a Professionally Designed Design Label

We request you to read our pricing page to see the cost, and also take a look at the attractive discounts we offer for projects with multiple pieces.

Time Taken for Designing a Label

We take up to three business days to share the first draft of the label design and two business days for each revision. Although the timeframe for each project differs,  two weeks are normally required to complete a typical project.

Factors like intricacy and nature of the label, details like sizes, weights, constituents, barcode, company logo and other components along with how fast they are provided to us determine the time period of completing it. Your feedback and ensuing communication are also to be considered here.

Are Customers Really Entitled to Unlimited Revisions?

A resounding Yes. WDsoft Label Design Company Pune really offers unlimited revision rounds, courtesy our graphic design agency having a dedicated in-house team of professionals that works dedicated till you are satisfied. We do not charge anything until the design is officially approved and final files are delivered, and only after that, further revisions are charged.

How Many Days does a Revision Phase Need?

At the most, two business days (in fact, one business day usually). We can provide two or more revised drafts per day in normal cases.

What Kind of Images can be used in a Label?

Images captured with a digital camera (not cell phones), images taken by a professional photographer or those procured from an image bank will do.

Are Labels Printed In-house?

Basically professional printers do that for us when it’s time to print your labels. We can directly approach a printer referred by you if that’s what you want.  Our aim is to have your label in industry-standard format that a good professional printer can print.

How the Right Label Designing Approach Yields Superior Results

We’d like to explain with an example of preparing a label for the food industry.

The most important factor to consider for creating a label for a food product is to make it look appealing. Having the most amazing image of what you are marketing for your label is a plus.  

The services of a professional will expedite it, so opting for that is indeed desirable.

A little editing does a world of good to it, and so does choosing the perfect color. The right color combination will draw your customer’s attention from afar. After all, that’s what a label is supposed to do, and it should!

At WDsoft Pune Label Design Company, we appreciate the power of the Internet and value the prospects it offers to enhance the scope of business. We take pride in making principled use of the Internet to further our cause without ever resorting to what some others unfortunately do- taking advantage of anonymity and powerlessness of professionals in the designing industry. They exploit professionals like freelance graphic designers and pass off their creations as their own for ulterior motives.

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