Brochure Design for Real Estate Company | Brochure Ideas and Tips

Brochure Design for Real Estate Company | Brochure Ideas and Tips

Brochure Design Tips for Real Estate, Builders and Construction Companies

When it comes to designing brochures for real estate builders the whole thing tends to get a bit tricky. Not because the designing task is difficult but how to manage to put all the information in the brochure. Builders have various real estate projects going simultaneously and each construction project could be huge in itself. There is a lot of information and USPs that the real estate builder needs to convey to his potential customers. It is really a task for the brochure designer to pick the core USPs and put them in the limited space of the brochure. In this article we would focus on the key aspects that a real estate builder’s brochure should comprise of.

A brochure is most important of the marketing collaterals.

Elements of the Cover Page of a Real Estate Brochure

The real estate company brochure’s cover page should focus on a variety of key features of the construction project. 

Photo of the Influencer – The photo of the key person – whether the CEO, Architect, Chief Engineer or any Influencer that you may have hired should don the cover page of the real estate company brochure.

Photo of the Building – The most important thing is to have the elevation photo of the structure (building, high-rise, condo, complex etc.) – this could be the projected photo after completion. The image work should be crisp and crystal clear with bright sun shine or blue sky in the background.

Surrounding – If the project is located on the outskirts of the metro or city then focus on the scenic surrounding of the project, highlight the benefits of dwelling in the cradle of nature. Focus on the landmark geographical feature of the area like a mountain range, river, forest etc.

Audience Photo – Have human faces on the cover page of your real estate company brochure. It is a proven truth that having smiling faces on the branding collateral instills trust and confidence in the minds of your potential home buyers. Make sure these photos are of real people and not from the stock. Shoot real life photos so that it is easier for your audience to connect with them.

Punch Line – Have a well crafted punch line and a crisp message to appeal to your prospects.

Elements of the Internal Pages of a Real Estate Brochure

Master Plan, Floor Plans and Layouts – Dedicate the internal pages to apartment floor plans. Provide your visitors with a 3D floor plan with immaculate photo quality and color scheme. Make the apartment layouts easy to understand.

Amenities – In the real estate brochure, focus on the amenities provided like swimming pool, garden, play area for kids, community hall, gymnasium, recreation-center, covered car park, library etc. Make extensive use of high-quality images and photos while focusing on these aspects. If you are using high quality branded equipment for the amenities (like gymnasium) then they deserve to be brought to the prospect’s attention.

Specifications – Give detailed specs about kitchen, utility area, bedrooms, living room, dining room, terraces, flooring, tiles, bathroom and toilet fittings, electrical fittings, wiring etc. Focus on the branded material that you would be using.

Safety and Security – Let your home buyers be convinced that their security is your top priority. Mention in the real estate brochure safety features installed and measures taken to ensure the security of the residents. Like Seismic Resistant Structure Design, Fire fighting system, CCTV, gated premises, video doorbell, video intercom, security checks etc. Highlight the safety features and relevant approvals you have received from the authorities. Don’t mix amenities with the safety features. Highlight the safety aspect independently.

Water Supply – If your construction project has ample of water supply then this is your key USP, capitalize on it and highlight the benefits with affluent graphic work.

Connectivity – People work, they commute to their workplaces so stress on the connectivity with major commercial centers, public places, transportation hubs like airport, railway station, bus station etc. Mention the distances of important places like schools, colleges, hospitals etc from the location of your real estate project.

Map – Show the location of your project with easy to understand map along with the directions.

Approvals – Mention the relevant approvals received from the competent authorities like the concerned Government departments, City Corporation etc. It is prudent to mention the relevant identification no. received from the approving agency. Like here in Maharashtra, INDIA we have RERA.

Bankers – In many cases the real estate projects are approved by financing institutions. This saves time for the home buyers as the bank need not check the documents and credentials of the real estate developer. Also having the logos of the approving bankers and finance institutions on your real estate brochure, boosts the trustworthiness of the entire project.

Quality Standards – Stress on the quality of the material used for the construction of the project. 

Photo of the Team – On the last page of the brochure put a group photo of the entire team of people who contributed in building the real estate project. This team would include the directors of the company, engineers, architects, executives from sales, accounts, admin etc.

Real Estate Brochure size, colors, fonts, style, images and photos

Real Estate Brochure Size

The real estate brochure has to be bigger than the usual A4 size brochures, because you are going to put floor plans and high resolution image – they are best justified by a big size brochure. The size of the real estate brochure should be A3, B2, B5 or any bigger custom size.

Color Scheme in the Brochure

It is important to choose the right color scheme. While choosing the color scheme for your real estate brochure – you have to consider the colors used in the logo. Your brochure colors should not contrast with the logo. Use sober colors for your real estate brochure. It is logical to use green, blue and 

Images and Photos

Use high quality, hi-def images and photos of the structure. Include the eagle eye view of the projected buildings, include the photos depicting well-lit homes at dusk, use high-def interior photos, landscape, gymnasium, security and safety features, garden and amenities. Structure the elements of the brochure in a way so that there are minimum white spaces. Make abundant use of symbols to represent features and amenities.


If you are using an influencer than include his photo and his review about the project in the real estate brochure.


Your Real Estate company brochure content should be brief and to the point. Your images would do most of the talking, but that does not mean that the content should be ignored. Your brochure would be divided into images and content. Images on the LHS and the corresponding content on the RHS. The content should be abstract (wherever it can be) and grammatically correct. Use bigger font size to make it clearly readable. Include a note from the key person (Influencer, CEO, Chief Engineer or Architect) of the organization about his vision regarding the real estate project. This would help create trust and confidence in the minds of the prospective home buyers. Include a brief summary of your real estate company, how it has grown, achievements and awards, your company’s mission, vision and ethos.

What to avoid

Avoid putting information about other real estate projects of your company.

Avoid putting lengthy content. People won’t read all the content on the brochure.

Don’t try to stuff lot of images on one page, you can always increase the number of brochure pages. Dedicate entire page for important and salient features of your real estate project.

Don’t use dark colors for a real estate project.

Real Estate Brochure Design Case Studies

Shreyas Happy Homes

Shreyas Happy Home Brochure
A brochure designed by WDsoft Pune for Shreyas Happy Homes. The uncluttered front page portrays the elevation photo of the building, the aircraft taking off depicts its proximity to the airport, the river and mountain range represents the geographical feature of the project. Happy faces create a optimistic aura around the proposal.
Shreyas Happy Homes Brochure - Internal Pages
The internal pages of a real estate brochure should be divided between images and content. The image should always be placed on the left side page and the content on the right side page. The content should be brief and to the point. This particular image of the building shows lit homes in the dusk.
Happy Homes Brochure - Internal Pages
3/4th of the building photo is on the left page and 1/4th of the image spans to the right hand side page to give a clear picture. The picture depicts daytime with clear blue sky.
Real Estate Brochure with Floor plans and markings.
The real estate brochure should have well placed and easy to read floor plans with relevant markings and captions.
Shreyas Happy Home brochure's front and back page.
The back page of the Shreyas Happy Homes features the achievements of the construction company, logos of bankers who have approved the real estate project, location map and contact details and address.
Happy Homes Flyers
Happy Homes Flyers
Happy Homes Billboard (Hoarding)
Happy Homes Billboard (Hoarding)

At WDsoft Pune graphic design agency, we are highly proficient in designing brochures for real estate businesses, builders and construction/infrastructure companies. We understand the basics of designing and aesthetics. Our brochure designing task is not limited to fanciful graphical work but also includes creating captivating content, slogans and call-to-actions for your brochure. Over the past 10 years we have successfully served scores of real estate companies. Get your real estate brochure designed from the top graphic design company in Pune.

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