School LOGO Design Ideas and Case-study Examples for 2023

School LOGO Design Ideas and Case-study Examples for 2023

When designing a logo for a School the first question that comes to mind is what should the logo consist of? There are thousands of schools, high-schools, pre-schools, primary schools, kindergartens and yet each one of them has got a UNIQUE logo. It is really fascinating to go through all those various logos. When you begin to browse through the school logos you will notice that there are a lot of things common in them.

Here is the list of School Logo Design Ideas

Candle and Book
Geographical Features
Mountains, Rivers and Lakes
Trees, Leaves and Flowers
Animals and Birds
Rising Sun
Religious theme
Founding Year
School Initials

School Logo Design Ideas

School Logo Design Idea 1 – Often a School logo is in a “Badge”

It is a good idea to have a badge logo. Because badges have been associated with the military, “Badge” indicates a sense of “protection”, “heraldry”, “trust”, “honor”, “accomplishment”, “heritage” and “legitimacy”. Here are a few examples of School Logos with BADGE design. Here are the top 4 School badge logos.

School Logo Design Idea 2 – A Candle or Lamp and an Open Book

They are often depicted on a school logo. This is a most simple idea to create a school logo. The open book represents Knowledge and wisdom while the Candle/Lamp represents spread of knowledge as it is associated with light. Though this may look “old style” but is still relevant and carries the appropriate message of education and off-course is simple to create.

School Logo Design Idea 3 – Geographical Features – Mountains, Rivers, Lakes

School logos usually portray cardinal geographical features of the area, for example mountains, river, lakes etc. Having a geographical feature in a school logo gives the logo a sense of “immensity”, “security”, “saviour”, “respect” and “eternity”. If you have a such a geographical feature (which is generally associated with goodness and prosperity) in your vicinity then it is a good idea to include it in your school logo. Here are a few examples of school logos depicting geographical features.

School Logo Design Idea 4 – Floral Logo – Trees, Leaves, Flowers

You can also depict the Flora that is abundant in your region is iconic of the region. Coniferous trees, Olive leaves, flowers are frequently depicted on school logos. The depiction of the flora and trees native to the particular region on the school logo gives the logo a sense of “regionality” and “commonality”. Olive leaves are a symbol if peace and are found on many school logos (usually around the logo). Trees are deep-rooted, provide shelter and fruits and withstand storms – these features make them ideal to be depicted in the school logo. In Indian and Hindu customs Banyan tree has paramount mythological and spiritual importance and generally makes it way to the logos also.

School Logo Design Idea 5: Fauna Logo – Animals and Birds

Like floral depiction you can also go for Fauna logos for your school. We often come across school logos with regional animals and birds depicted in them. Tiger, Lion, Eagle, Elephant etc. The animals depicted on such logos are symbolic of “power”, “dignity”, “authority”, “justice”, “courage”, “strength” and “wisdom” etc.

School Logo Design Idea 6- Flame Logo

A flame signifies the end of ignorance and spread of knowledge and wisdom. It also indicates the burning of filth, evil and impurities. Depiction of the flame is perfectly suited for a school logo. The flame is generally illustrated in the form of a Olympic-style torch in school logos.

School Logo Design Idea 7 – Sun Logo

Sun logo depiction is identical to the Flame Logo mentioned above. Apart from that, the SUN signifies a “new beginning”, “goodness”, “energy”, “life”, “Dyaus Pita“, “growth”, “radiance” etc. Which is again perfect element to be a part of your school logo.

School Logo Design Idea 8 – Religious Logos

Many School Logos have a religious theme. Christian Missionary schools depict Christ, the Holy cross or a church in the logo. Islamic schools portray forms of the Holy Quran, dome of a mosque, crescent moon etc. Islamic school logos usually have a green color. Hindu school logos usually represent the goddess Saraswati seated on a lotus. Religious icons like Swastika and Om (Aum) also make their place in Hindu school logos.

School Logo Design Idea 9 – School Logos with Nationalism Theme

Many school logos incorporate National flags and emblems to convey the message of “Nationalism”. For example some Indian school logos display the “Ashoka Chakra” or the Indian Tri-color. Many schools in the U.S. use Eagle in their logo to give it a “Nationalistic” touch.

School Logo Design Idea 10 – Founding Year

Year of Inception – Many Schools logos mention the year it was founded in. It is a good idea to display the founding year as it highlights the heritage aspect of the school.

School Logo Design Idea 11 – School Initials

School initials are widely used in the logos. People are used to call the school name by its initials (this is common here in India). So it is prudent to include the initials in the Logo.

School Logo Design Idea 12 – Slogans

Slogans are the most important part of the School LOGO, a school logo is just incomplete without them.

School Logo Design Idea 13 – Compass

It stands for GUIDANCE, hence some schools depict a compass in their logo.

School Logo Case-Study Examples

Badge Logo for School

A Badge – “Badge Logos” though old-school style, are used in most school logos.

Christ the King College Jhansi Logo

The Holy cross on the crown at the top, Education and Labour are depicted in the lower half of the badge. The Slogan in Italian “Corona Non Sine Labore” translated as “No Crown Without Labour” is a perfect fit. The Logo conveys the message that Hard-work and Education can lead you to Christ.

James Hamilton PS Badge Logo

A Simple School Logo in the Badge style with the School initials and the catchy slogan “Learners Today Leaders Tomorrow”.

Southdale Primary School Badge Logo

This School Logo of the Southdale Primary School has the Compass which denotes Guidance, A tree that is native to that region, book that denotes education, the iconic railway engine is associated with the history of the place.

St. Aloysius High School Bandra Logo

This School Logo of St. Aloysius High School Bandra, Mumbai India features Indian tri-color at the center with images depicting academic affairs – books, digital education, sports, arts, music, and recreational activities.

Buenavista National High School Philippine Bahrain Logo

A simple circular school logo with the school name and location on the outer side of the circle. Torch symbolizes the light spreading in all directions. Book in the logo denotes knowledge. Coconut trees are depicted in the logo because of their their socioeconomic importance to the native people. DPED is the government agency the school is affiliated to.

Pickering College Canada Logo

A simple “Candle and Book” School logo with the founding year and slogan mentioned. The Slogan ” Bene Provisa Principia Ponantur” translates in English as “Let Well Planned Foundations be Laid”

Dawood Public School Logo

Again a simple circular logo with the light and book theme. The circular shape makes it easy to put the School Name in it.

JP International School Logo

The Logo has many dimensions – The lotus and the lamp denote knowledge and wisdom, the Olive leaves stand for peace. The slogan “Labor Omnia Vincit” translates as “Work conquers all”. The Indian tri-color associates it with Nationalism.

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