Logo Design Ideas for Real Estate Companies in 2023

Logo Design Ideas for Real Estate Companies in 2023

Logo Design for a Real Estate Business

At the heart of real estate company branding is its logo. The trick is to crystalize the core values into the Logo. A logo represents your real estate brand in its complete fullness. People come to associate the brand image with the logo. So it is imperative to design a logo that is unique, visually appealing and projects the right message. There are various type of logos, for example a logomark is a just symbol with no mention of the business name in the logo. A logotype on the other hand has the real estate business name mentioned in the logo. You will notice that logos of most real estate developers [Builders” as they are colloquially known] belong to the the later type – the LOGOTYPEs.

Importance of Shapes in Real Estate Logo

Use of various geometric shapes like square, rectangle and triangle can enhance the look of your real estate logo. They also come with distinctive emotions attached, for eg. square signifies stability, oval/circle shape reflect on the “community” character. These are the two geometric shapes widely used in real estate brand logos.

Colours in Real Estate Logos

Blue, Red, Black, Green and Orange are the preferred colours for real estate logo theme. Blue represents trust, red portrays energy and happiness, black means sophistication and luxury, green stands for new beginning [very fitting to the real estate character]. The colour orange represents comfort and warmth. All these colours reflect on the various aspects of a “home” making them the preferred choice for real estate logos.

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