Understanding the Target Audience of a Real Estate Company

Understanding the Target Audience of a Real Estate Company

Understanding the Target Audience

Before you craft the various aspects of the Brand [like the Value, Proposition, Brand Promise, Slogan and Mission Statement] you need to identify your target audience. Of-course businesses are most interested in their prospective audience [customers] they cannot ignore the “others”. Typically a Real Estate Organization has following types of audiences.

  • Customers – This is the largest group amongst your audiences, these are the people who buy the properties that you built and most of your branding efforts are oriented towards this set of audience. Value Proposition, Brand promise and Tagline are the qualities associated with the “customers” types of audience.
  • Investors – This is the class of audience who invest in your company and fuel the growth of it. Core Brand Values, Mission Statement, Brand Promise are the qualities that are normally associated this type of audience.
  • Job Seekers – Prospective job seekers are also your target audience. Engineers, architects, marketing executives, finance executives, customer service reps, tele-callers etc too are your target audience. They too closely analyze your brand to ascertain the core values your real estate organization possesses.
  • Business Associates – Channel partners play an important role in real estate businesses as a sizable chunk of business is driven by these independent agents.

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