Uber’s Logo Changes | A Case-study of Uber Logo(s)

Uber’s Logo Changes | A Case-study of Uber Logo(s)

Uber Logo Change

Uber has changed its logo yet again and this time, it has turned back or you can say took a U-turn towards its previous ‘U’ logo. The new logo is simplified and is designed to be scalable across the 600+ countries where the app provides its services. The logo reads the full name of the app with only the U in capital letters and is revamped around the idea ‘Platform of Mobility’.

The design team and Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi created the design that uses a font that derives its curves from curvy roadways. The black and white re-branding of the logo was done in a nine-month duration with a custom typeface to showcase Uber’s abilities as a mobility platform. This revamp is to make the brand more recognizable and associate itself as a household name for traveling, ordering food, and renting vehicles.

The previous versions of Uber Logos
Uber's First and Second Logo

Uber’s first and second logo

Uber's third logo

Uber’s third logo

Uber's current logo

Uber’s current logo

The initial version of the Uber app was created in 2010 by Uber’s co-founder and graphic designer, Garrett Camp. The logo initially spun around the U for Uber and C for Cab. Later on, it was re-branded as Uber with a U by Ryan McKillen so that it doesn’t look like a regular cab company. It was created in 2010 itself as a result of a cease and desist against Uber from cab companies.

The third logo launched in 2012 was the most famous and elegant of all with a “U” and Uber wrote under that depicted convenience, luxury, and efficiency. Later, Uber started to join in the food and goods business. This made them move towards a more adaptable logo that utilizes bits and atoms with a hexagonal shape for driver partners and circle for users. The new logo unveiled in 2016 changed its background color and pattern to match the country it’s been used in.

What brand gurus have to say?
The new logo is well appreciated because it reflects Uber directly as an app and is more recognizable instead of the confusing bit and atom logo. It conveys a message of luxury and has a futuristic ring to its typeface. Overall, the logo has been well received and will surely help customers to support the brand going forward.

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