Papa John’s Logo Case-Study | What to learn from it

Papa John’s Logo Case-Study | What to learn from it

Papa John’s Logo Case-Study in the light of recent Logo changes

Papa John's Old Logo

The grand old Papa John’s Logo

Papa Johns New Logo

The swanky and crisp new Papa John logo. JOHNS is grammatically in-correct.

Papa John’s (aspiring to be Johns- minus the apostrophe) is the third largest American pizza delivery restaurant chain in the United States having presence overseas as well. The company has, at times, been mired in controversies, which has resulted a need for Papa John’s logo change. The company is toying with the idea of changing its logo and dropping the apostrophe in John’s. Two ad campaigns have been recently launched by the company to undo the disappointment its founder caused publicly.

The Current Logo vis a vis what’s Amiss
A glimpse into Papa John’s Logo Case-study immediately evokes issues related to Papa John’s logo. The logo features the brand name with green and red color scheme with a black and white version. However, the logo is seen as extremely traditional and even outdated. A fresh breath of air is the need of the hour which is generating the need for Papa John’s logo change. One of the factors that has apparently hindered the impact of its logo is employing the company name as its logo and a slogan that should be shorter.

What’s (Wrong) in a (Company) Name in the Logo
Experts have dissuaded companies from use of names in the logo to prevent controversies erupting due to it. Further, any changes attempted with respect to the name can hamper appropriateness of language and expression. The Papa John’s Logo Change has been creating an unpleasant feel, which seems to be affecting its brand recognition.

The Significance Square Shape Signifies in a Logo
Square shape is seen to be associated with trust, sense of balance, power and integrity. Financial institutions and banks have a predilection for square shape. This shape is also seen as more versatile and all-encompassing of colors, fonts and other shapes. As for the Papa John’s Logo Case-study, its logo has two rectangles outlining “Papa” and “Johns” in ‘boxy’ font (sans tagline).

Message of the New Font/ Typeface Style
Papa John’s is switching over from a serif type to a sans serif typeface as its font, which basically connotes less line width variation and no line at the end of each stroke. It imparts a sharp and contemporary feel even as it maintains a traditional (though professional) outlook.

Importance of Red, Green, Black and White colors in logo design
One of the most crucial factors that influences logo design is selection of colors for the brand. Selecting the appropriate color can hit the right notes and impart an in-depth sense of connection towards customers. Colors are also known to have psychological influences and a sway over emotions. Papa John’s uses green, red, black and white colors, which are appreciated individually in the following way:

Red: Energy, Love, Warmth, Romance, Passion

Black: Power, Strength, Modernity, Intelligence, Darkness

White: Purity, Clarity, Innocence, Youth

Green: Serenity, Nature, Wealth, Fertility

Papa John’s Logo Case-study is a noteworthy instance from which companies can draw valuable lessons while contemplating changing their logo. It recommends what should be incorporated and specifies pitfalls companies should steer clear with respect to their logo.

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