Electronics Company Brochure Design – Case-Study

Brochure Design for Crest Test Systems

About the project




Crest Test Systems


About the Client

Crest Test Systems is a value-driven and quality-focused QA testing company, specialising in developing and delivering test and measurement products for testing circuit breakers and high-power motors. The expertise of the company is embedded design, PLC technology, in-house software development with data communication, and PC-based system control allows us to offer superior solutions to our esteemed customers. Crest Test Systems was established in 1992. A modern manufacturing and design facility, an interactive and ready-to-help sales force, and a dedicated and experienced technical support team are the strengths of brand Crest.

  • Delivering benefits to delight the customer
  • Committing results
  • Being equal and ethical
  • Learning and evolving


For WDSOFT, the challenge was to create a corporate brochure for B2B purposes. Crest manufactures electricity check measuring devices which measure, verify and validate. The brochure had to reflect the company profile as well as its values and assets. WDSOFT was aware that an impactful brochure can educate its readers, convey credibility and authority, and persuade consumers to take action. This brochure was a part of Crest’s brand journey and we had to make it visually and content-wise very attractive and superior.

Our Response

WDSOFT is a trusted brand building agency in Pune. Our expert and experienced team studied the company profile, asked for the relevant data from the client, ensured that we had high quality photographs and sought detailed inputs from the client. Brochure is a communication tool and we made sure that we knew our target markets. For brochure design, creativity and uniqueness are important. While designing the brochure of Crest Test Systems, we kept the following points in mind:

  • Higher visual appeal
  • Greater recall value
  • Excellent brand representation
  • High quality production value
  • Informative content
  • Contemporary and corporate design

Brochure Design

We used important brochure design elements while designing our brochure. We designed an appealing cover with apt caption and minimalistic design. The copy was written with thorough research and insights. The colour palette was corporate and elegant. Optimization of the space was the highlight of our brochure design service.


The brochure and stall design created by WDSOFT for Crest Test Systems was well appreciated by the client. The brochure was circulated by the client as a communication tool for their internal and business purpose. Our competent team and end to end production capability contributed to create a credible brochure. The project was yet another feather in the cap of WDSOFT.