Branding for Automobile Dealer in Pune – A Case-study

Sanket Motors Logo Design

Sanket Motors Corporate Identity Design

Sanket Motors Website Design

About the project




Sanket Motors


About The Client

Located in Bhosari near Pune, Sanket Motors is an authorised dealer of JOY Electric [e-Bikes] Two-Wheeler in Pune.

The Challenge

Sanket Motors approached Wdsoft Pune Branding Company for a comprehensive branding solution. Our challenge was to create the logo for the two-wheeler showroom, create product manual design, design a new website for the showroom and provide appropriate content for the website, marketing collateral and digital marketing campaigns. In short, to develop a brand that evokes trust and commitment. Also, to keep in mind its target audience.

Our Response

When we researched the e-bike sector and its current market our vision became clear and we could quickly identify the USPs of the e-bike dealer's business. The automobile sector drives on passion, speed and dynamism. We decided to capture the spirit of freedom and excitement in our brand communication. We studied and analyzed the communication of the competitors and defined the areas where we could stand out from the competition.

Target Audience

The potential customers of Sanket Motors' e-bikes are mostly youths. So the whole branding campaign was attuned to target the young potential customers. The branding style used for the electric two-wheeler showroom reflects on the character of the target audience.

Services Provided

  • Logo Design - The showroom logo features a running wheel which also resembles the letter "S", the initial letter of the business name "Sanket Motors". The wheel in motion features GREEN colour in the centre which reflects on the environmentally sustainable character of the bike. WDSoft Pune's logo designers created a fitting logo for the e-Bike showroom.
  • Website Design - The swanky website [] design is dominated by dark colour to signify elegance, power and authority. The GREEN colour [which focuses on sustainability] is also used in the headlines and containers to highlight the key features of the products. Special attention was paid to make the website mobile-friendly, considering the target audience. The website design included the associated content writing too.

The Result

Our designs of the logo, branding and website of Sanket Motors showroom reflected the dynamism and passion, in the choice of colours, visuals and design elements. The internal branding was vibrant and specific. The website was designed in a contemporary, techno-savvy look, keeping in mind the automobile market and its demands. Our designs were well appreciated by the client as well as by its customers.