Video Ad Created for Cold-Pressed Oil Company

About the project




HealthOrgOil – Video Marketing Case Study


About HealthOrgOil

HealthOrgOil is a Pune based Cold-press Edible Oil Manufacturer based in Kothrud, Pune.


Marketing Challenge

We wanted to launch HealthOrgOil's Cold-Pressed Coconut and Groundnut Oil during Diwali. The brand had some amazing products and needed creative video making skills from WDSOFT to help create a buzz around the natural and safe cooking oils. The cluttered market made it imperative to come up with a unique selling point and positioning for the brand to ensure higher sales. As one of the top commercial video advertising companies, we decided to use video marketing as our primary tool to help launch the product and connect it with the festive spirit for maximum impact. Since travel restrictions made it difficult for people to go to their homes during Diwali, it was such a challenging time for families to share treats together.


Video Marketing Solution

We did a lot of brainstorming and thought of multiple ideas like the Healthier Alternative, a Healthy Diwali, Chemical-Free Diwali, etc. We even shortlisted a few lines like ‘Yeh Diwali Healthy Wali’, Is Diwali celebrate Karo HealthOrgOil Naturally, etc. Then we realized that the pandemic has made it difficult for people to come together this Diwali, but they are still sending gifts for their loved ones. Thus, we decided on the concept - Gift your loved ones a Healthy Tohfa this Diwali. Gifts are something that we all connect with during Diwali and it is a truly special time for everyone to send gifts with love and warmth. Healthy Tohfa seemed like the perfect positioning for the brand as it communicated two of the most important factors during this season – health, the first priority of 2020 and tohfa, a gift of love and connection for Diwali, even if you can’t travel to see your family back home. We finalized a video ad as the best medium for the concept and moved forward with the thought process. We specialize in conceptual video advertising and thus, started brainstorming on the best relationships to showcase for the video marketing online. We thought of sisters and their love, sibling love, the bond between a father and son, friends, and even the bond between in laws. However, we realized that the bond between a mother and her child is one of the most precious ones and a mother always wants her daughter to eat healthy, no matter where she is or how old she is. These concepts were showcased - a girl in a hostel/PG receives the Healthy Tohfa from her mom, a pregnant woman receives a Healthy Tohfa from her mom and mother-in-law. The love of a mother came through in the form of HealthOrgOil and there was nothing more special or memorable we could show to make it striking!



The video campaign was a huge success, and we received a lot of views on our social media channels for our video ad. The visuals were highly appreciated along with the video conceptualization. Our creative video making skills definitely won the hearts of the internet community and we were ecstatic with the response. We even received a lot of DMs from our Insta fam and it was a phenomenal success. The client was also delighted with the outcome, and they received a huge corporate order for gifting. So, the concept of Healthy Tohfa resonated with people and brought it great results! If you haven’t tried gifting your loved ones a Healthy Tohfa yet, time to do so! You can even check out the conceptual video online to know its impact!