Branding for Handicraft Startup PENO – A Case-study

Branding for Handicraft Startup PENO - A Case-study

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About the project






About the Client

PENO is an Indian handicraft startup that makes ethnic-wear. The startup is a self-help group of people of the Gor Banjara tribe of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The ethnic-wear reflects on the great culture of the region and of the people. The Gormati women are known to adorn rich exquisitely embroidered costumes. The startup is supported by the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises – Government of India.

Branding Challenge

It was our pleasure to work with the startup that brings such a great heritage with it. When we were handed the task of branding of Peno, we started our work meticulously. Our aim was to empower PENO and make them to stand up to the other established ethnic-wear brands. This called for an extensive branding and digital marketing campaigns. The comprehensive branding services included the: Logo design, Corporate identity, product photography, model shoot, product catalogue, e-commerce website, shopping bag design, magazine ad and banner ad. Peno Gor Banjara Embroidery products were inspired from the Indus Valley Civilization. To capture that glory was our biggest challenge.

Our Response

We looked into the craft of Gor Banjara Embroidery. We identified the main attributes of the Indus Valley Civilization, namely minimalism, simplicity, quality and elegance. Peno has reference from the motifs, structures and designs of Indus Valley. We adhered to this theme combined with the Gor Banjara motifs, while developing our line of communication.

Logo & Brand Identity Design

Our logo designers created a logo that features blue and dark red colours. Peno being a handicraft clothing brand, the logo features images of mirrors and stitching and embroidery pattern. The blue colour in the logo focuses on trust, wisdom, calmness and humble lifestyle of the region. The red colour reflects on exhilaration, energy and the hard work of the women of the Gor Banjara tribe. The combination of these two colours reflect on the great heritage of the region and these unique people. All the branding and marketing collateral feature the PENO logo in different sizes.

Product Photo Shoot

The ethnic-wear startup has a wide range of products from a variety of dresses to accessories. Our goal was to cover all the products in the photo shoot. Our Commercial Photography team completed the photo shoot of all the products.

Website Design

We designed an e-Commerce website [] for the handicraft startup. The website is built on WordPress and WooCommerce CMS platform. The website is infused with the on-page SEO elements and appropriate content to make it rank higher in search engines, besides being mobile friendly. The e-commerce product content for the website is too created in-house.

The Result

We offered PENO all the services under one roof, from branding to digital marketing. The Peno India Logo reflects the tribal essence in all its ethic glory. The motifs and the colour scheme of the Gor Banjara embroidery style are part of the logo. It has innate beauty and a rustic appeal. Our entire photo shoot captures the product range in all its beauty and detailing. The bag, the brochure and the website, all have uniformity in the bright colour scheme and Gor Banjara motifs. The Peno creative by WDSoft are appreciated for their beauty and quality. Peno is now our esteemed client.

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