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Prince Metal Works Of America Inc



USAPMW was established in 1969. It has a strong legacy of trust and quality. USAPMW is a leading one-stop solution provider for all sheet metal components, machined components, deep drawn components, fabrications, critical welded assemblies, castings, forgings, etc in the manufacturing industry. USAPMW boasts of 5 well-equipped manufacturing facilities strategically located in Northern and Western India.

USAPMW is a quality-focused organization with IATF 16949:2016, EN 15085-2, ISO 14001:2025, ISO 45001:2018, and ISO 9001:2015 certifications to our credit. USAPMW combines in-house designing capabilities and the latest software with a fleet of design engineers to cater to diverse business domains including automotive and railway, material handling, casting and forging, pharmaceutical etc.

The Challenge

The challenge for WDSOFT Pune was to create a communication strategy that matches the highest brand quality. We had to create a logo design, brochure design, website design and content writing for the client. The communication needed to be strong and corporate. For website design the challenges wear to get the right technical know-how and to balance the aesthetic and functionality perfectly. The logo needed to reflect the brand philosophy. USAPMW is a brand trusted by the most renowned industry names. So, the real challenge was to add value to the brand through communication.

Our Response

WDSOFT Pune is a well-known brand building agency working for prestigious clients from various business verticals. Our expert and experienced in-house team is well versed in the nitty gritty of advertising, strategy and communication. For the work USAPMW trusted us with, we delved deep into the client’s brand philosophy, core values, history, manufacturing capabilities, business verticals catered to and all the details relevant to the communication. We asked for the data, photographs and specific inputs from the client. We also did meetings and brainstorming with the USAPMW team as well as our internal team.

Logo Design

The USAPMW Logo is the brand emblem of the company. So, we ensured to create a contemporary logo that stands with the brand value. The design was stylish, contemporary and minimalistic. Since it is a B2B business, the logo was kept more in the corporate style. The USAPMW Logo created the desired impression and it was appreciated by the client. The logo could be adapted to various communication collaterals.

Brochure Design

The USAPMW brochure design was designed to reflect the company’s manufacturing excellence, its wide product offerings, industries catered to and the overall company profile. The brochure was to-the-point and crisp with all the thrust areas covered. We used suitable colour schemes and proper images. The brochure generated a good response. It was widely circulated by the client and it achieved desired response.

Website Design

To create an effective website, we studied who the USAPMW target customers were and in what context, the website will be viewed. We got the technical know-how right. Our focus was to build an attractive, attention-grabbing design which can keep the users engaged with the site. We chose the colour palette accordingly. The visuals demonstrated the expertise. The USAPMW website is easy to navigate and ensures accessibility. The website works well on all devices.

Content Writing

WDSOFT Pune has in-house team of content writers who are highly qualified and have a deep insight into the market. The USAPMW content was developed keeping in mind the objectives of the entire communication and the core values of the company. The website content included SEO keywords which helped it rank well. The content of the brochure was crisper. The entire content was developed only after interacting with the client, so it met instant approval.

The Result

Through systematic planning and execution of our strategic 360-degree communication approach, we successfully created the logo, brochure, website and content as a premium brand. Since we partnered with them, USAPMW has witnessed a noticeable increase in the number of views and clicks on its website, leading to increased visibility and brand recall. The logo, brochure and website design and content were highly appreciated and benefitted the client’s purpose and brand image.