Branding for Home Decor Company | Branding for Luxury Brand – A Case-Study

Branding for Home Decor Company | Branding for Luxury Brand – A Case-Study

About Bella Homes

Since 1992, Bella Homes has offered a signature collection of home fashion products, combining international style and Indian aesthetics. The products are ultra-premium and elegant, designed with the best of material and artistry. The range includes Home furnishings, carpets and floor mats, wall art, furniture, quilts and comforters, veneers and laminates, accessories, art pieces and gifting ideas etc. Bella Homes is about creating enriching experiences for everyone. WDSOFT Pune as a reputed branding agency in Pune was entrusted with the responsibility of the branding of Bella Homes as a Home Decor Company and a Luxury Brand.

Branding Challenge

The Task of WDSOFT was two-fold, Branding for Home Decor Company and Branding for Luxury Brand. First of all, we defined the Brand Persona of Bella Homes and found it to be as follows:

  • A refined blend of beauty and luxury
  • Crafted to add elegant glory to any space
  • Stylish with Substance
  • Enriching- every art piece has a story to tell
  • Classic and trendy
  • lassic aura and positive vibes

Bella Homes is an exclusive and exotic brand. So, it was of utmost importance to keep the brand persona intact and develop our concepts and communication around its core. It was a great opportunity for us to design and develop Graphical Communication and Branding for a Luxury Brand of repute. The challenge was to create and deliver content, website, brochure design, photoshoot, and social media posts.

Our Response

WDSOFT Pune as a trusted branding and advertising agency, set out to work on Bella Homes and create comprehensive branding for a luxury brand. To take the right path, we took complete briefs from the client, did competitive research and chalked out the strategy for Branding for a Home Decor Company.

Logo Design for the Home Decor Store

Logo is the emblem of the company. It stands for the values, vision and philosophy of the brand. WDSOFT Pune has extensive experience and expertise in designing the logos of reputed local and national brands. Logo Designing for Bella Homes was done completely in-house. The graphics, the colour palette, the font, and the style, everything reflected the elite and royal personality of the brand Bella Homes.

Content for Home Decor Business Brochure and Website

The Bella Homes Home Decor Business Brochure is a concise communication. The Website is a detailed brand showcase. The content for Home Decor Business and Website is developed in-house by the expert content writers of WDSOFT Pune expert content writers of WDSOFT Pune, with detailed brief, inputs and reviews from the client. The content is in synch with the brand persona and communicates what exactly the brand wants to say.

Home Decor Website Design and Development

The Bella Homes website is a fine blend of visual imagery and befitting content. It is built on WordPress platform. The on-page SEO elements are inserted and we have ensured that it ranks in the search engines. The site is mobile friendly.

Before the content development, we did thorough keyword research and identified primary and secondary keywords. We optimized the title, headline tag and content of Bella Homes. We also created informative and relevant post through SEO perspective. All this has led o higher ranking.

The colour scheme of the website is black and golden, which are the brand colours and denote richness and luxury. The Font style for Heading is Philosopher and for Normal is Lato. Our in-house designed and graphic artists have given a royal and luxurious look to the home decor website designers. The photographs of the masterpieces have added glory to the website.

Brochure and Catalogue Design for Home Decor Store

The brochure/ catalogue of Bella Homes was concise and to the point. All the major aspects were covered in this 8-page creation. The size of the brochure was kept A4 and the Font style of the Heading was Playfare while of the Normal content was Playfare Display Regular. The Font Size of the Heading was 36 and of the Normal 12.

The vibrant black and golden colour combination signified royalty and luxury of the brand and the store. The layout was neat and artistic. Our in-house content writers developed The About Us, Vision and Mission of Bella Homes. The Bella Homes brochure turned out to be a crisp yet complete communication.

Product Photography & Home Decor Interior Photography

WDSOFT offers commercial photography services too. Our professional and experienced photography team did the Home Decor photography of Bella Homes. Bella Homes is all about beauty, style, grace, glamour and class. The photographic goal was to capture the glory and style of the brand through creative images.

Various products were photographed. One of the major purposes of the product photography was to use the images in the social media campaign of Bella Homes. The photographs were to be used in the website as well. The images were needed in the Google Business Profile of Bella Homes as well. The photography was much appreciated by the client.

Social Media Post Design & Optimization for Home Decor Store

WDSOFT Pune is a leading social media marketing agency in Pune We have a dedicated team working on digital communication and social media. We created a range of Home Decor Social Media Posts, that conveyed various focussed messages and gave a Call to Action. In these social media posts, we optimized the accounts in details. A new hashtag strategy was created with relevant theme for the social media campaign. We also enabled WhatsApp and telephonic call communication to convey the brand message. The social media campaign was result-oriented and it received good response and results.


We offered Bella Homes all desired Branding Services under one roof. The esteemed client appreciated our creative approach and the meticulous work in design and development. Bella Homes is getting good reviews on the website design and accessibility. The entire Bella Homes project- Branding for a Reputed Home Decor Company and Branding for a Luxury Brand- was a huge success and we at WDSOFT are proud to have created it.

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