Cortek Electro Single-Product Brochure Design

About the project




Cortek Electro


About the Client

Cortek Electro, a company based in Pimpri Chinchwad, specialises in providing advanced school automation solutions to simplify daily educational operations. They focus on optimising institutional dynamics and utilising cutting-edge technology to revolutionise traditional processes. This system empowers educators, administrators, and students to channel their energy towards the core pursuit of learning.

Client Requirement

Cortek Electro was looking for a branding agency from Pimpri Chinchwad and joined forces with WDSOFT Creative Agency in a collaborative effort to design a marketing brochure for their versatile programmable Autobell. The objective was to craft visually captivating and persuasive promotional material finely tuned to cater to the specific tastes and interests of the intended audience.

Brochure Solution

WDSOFT's brochure design service goes beyond mere visual appeal; it's a meticulously crafted masterpiece that reflects the brand's distinctive voice and identity.

The brochure designed for Cortek Electro Pimpri Chinchwad, showcasing their Automatic Bell, is a blend of artful design and effective marketing. It adeptly encapsulates the company's values, mission, and vision while highlighting the innovative features of the product.

The first notable aspect of the brochure is its sleek, contemporary design. Different sections of the brochure focus on various facets of the automatic bell. A pleasing colour palette and strategic use of white space accentuate the product's key features, while bold typography guides the reader's gaze.

One of the most commendable aspects of the brochure is its ability to succinctly and persuasively convey the value of the Automatic Bell. The language employed strikes a balance between technical precision and accessibility, ensuring that readers can easily grasp the product's benefits.

The brochure commences with an introduction to Cortek Electro Pimpri Chinchwad, outlining its mission to revolutionise automation. This sets the stage for understanding the essential characteristics of the automatic bell.

A significant emphasis is placed on the automated time management capabilities of the Automatic Bell. The brochure elaborates on how it can be programmed to ring at specific times, simplifying business scheduling and enhancing productivity. Additionally, it highlights the customization options available, explaining how businesses can align the Automatic Bell with their branding to project a professional image. The brochure also delves into the advanced features of the automatic bell.

Throughout the brochure, high-quality images and graphics are employed to illustrate the features of the automatic bell vividly. Readers can readily envision how the product can positively impact their business, thanks to visuals that showcase the product in action.

Furthermore, the brochure features concise and impactful copy that captures the reader's attention. The language maintains a technical edge while remaining accessible, ensuring that readers can grasp the product's benefits.

With precision and finesse, WDSOFT has created a brochure for Cortek Electro Pimpri Chinchwad's Automatic Bell that stands as a pinnacle of design and marketing expertise. It encapsulates the essence of the company's ethos, goals, and aspirations while spotlighting the cutting-edge features of their product. This exquisite piece serves as a testament to the potency of a well-crafted message and an impeccably executed marketing strategy. It embodies Cortek Electro Pimpri Chinchwad's unwavering commitment to excellence and showcases WDSOFT's dedication to delivering outstanding marketing solutions.



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