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Salvagnini Group



Salavagnini Machinery India Pvt. Ltd. is a part of the global giant Salvagnini Group, which designs, builds and sells flexible systems and machines for processing sheet metal: punching machines, panel benders, press-brakes, fiber laser cutting machines, FMS lines, automatic store-towers and software. The Group offers direct customer service in 35 countries around the world.

The Salvagnini Group boasts of state-of-the-art set up and expert manpower. its strengths are as follows:

  • 5 manufacturing plants
  • 23 operational sites specializing in sales and customer support
  • An extensive and dedicated global network of agents and service centres
  • 1750 employees
  • 7000 installations (of which around 3600 panel benders)

Salvagnini is synonymous with innovation, competency, service for highly optimized and customized solutions. It is a renowned brand, and the brand stature is reflected in all its communication and promotional collaterals.

The Challenge

The challenge for WDSOFT was to create a purely testimonial based video, focusing on Salvagnini MD 5 Machine. The company stands for technical excellence, high performance and precision. The key challenge was to build credibility and showcase the quality through testimonials. The task was to get the script, the flow, the BTS shoot and the production in sync.

We at WDSOFT believe that the customer testimonials are a valuable way to build brand trust. To a prospective customer, a testimonial is almost like a personal recommendation for a product or service. The Salvagnini Testimonial Video was an important part of the company’s growth strategy and an important tool in the company’s marketing vehicles. Our challenge was to make it are engaging and easy to grasp. Putting the two together We created a powerful Testimonial Video to generate sincere recommendations from existing customers.

Our Response

First of all, we studied the brand Salvagnini in depth and identified its strengths. Our in-house team developed the content. We identified the key authorities who will give the testimonials. Also, we took the comprehensive review of the qualities and performance of the MD 5 Machine. The script was developed by our in-house content developer. We ensured to keep the language tone and vocabulary corporate as per the client requirement. The expert and experienced team shot the video, maintaining high visual quality and production value.


The Salvagnini Video created by WDSOFT Pune was widely circulated by the client for their internal and business purpose. All the aspects of the video, from script to execution were highly appreciated by the key officials of Salvagnini. The testimonials and the MD 5 Machine were given equal importance and the overall impact was very effective.

Our competent team and end to end production capability achieved the desired result. The Salvagnini video is one of our best video projects. It helped the client in the following ways:

  • It built credibility and trust for their brand.
  • It increased their referrals and helped establish the industry leadership
    of the brand Salvagnini.
  • It helped them build rapport and relationship with the existing clientele.
  • They got high retention rate and were shared a lot.