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Logo Designed for Healthorgoil Pune

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Healthorgoil Corporate Identity Design
Healthorgoil Visiting Card Design

Brochure Design

HealthOrgOil Brochure Design
HealthOrgOil Brochure Design by WDSOFT

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HealthOrgOil Responsive Website Design Pune
HealthOrgOil Responsive Website Design Pune
HealthOrgOil Responsive Website Design Pune

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HealthOrgOil Hoarding Designed by WDsoft Pune

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Healthorgoil Company Branding & Logo Design Case-Study






About HealthOrgOil

As a steadfast exponent of organic cold pressed oil, HealthOrgOil is a manufacturer of pure, natural and chemical-free groundnut, mustard, sesame, safflower, sunflower and coconut cold pressed oils in Pune. The Pune-based company juggles multifarious operations, right from manufacturing to offering sales support to its clients. HealthOrgOil believes in creating awareness about the benefits of using pure edible cold pressed oil for cooking. It is aware that the path ahead is long as there’s very little awareness in India about the health benefits of using cold pressed oil. Therefore, the Pune based company decided to position itself emphatically by captivating people’s attention far and wide. To achieve this, HealthOrgOil hired WDsoft Pune, the best branding agency in Pune.

Branding and Digital Marketing Services Offered

Logo design, brand identity design, marketing collateral design, social media post designs where the branding services offered to HealthOrgOil.

Logo Design

A logo is a symbol or emblem that represents the entire business entity with its core values and products. A logo goes beyond connecting with the target audience with mere words. A logo thus speaks volumes about the brand it symbolises. Being the best logo designers in Pune, we designed a fitting logo for HealthOrgOil.

Logo Colors: The HealthOrgOil logo features two DARK colors - Very dark desaturated orange [#643e31] and Very dark cyan[#14514B]. The dark orange color signifies vitality and energy while the cyan color reflects purity and cleanliness - important aspects of the product/brand in consideration.

Logo Elements: The logo design features three elements key to the product - a groundnut plant leaf, the oil bottle and the cross-section of the coconut tree trunk. The logo has a fresh "green" leaf at its core with the cold-pressed oil bottle and a wood log that symbolizes the "Lakdi Ghana" and the coconut tree, in the background. The brown color reflects on the "cold-pressed [wooden]" character of the product, that the audience can easily connect with.

Logo Design Principles

The logo of HealthOrgOil sums up the essence of the brand - state of being natural, pure and organic. The HealthOrgOil logo symbolises the fact that Nature is at the heart of the product and is to be embraced for leading a good, healthy life. The name of the company is placed below the logo with the dark cyan font color. The logo also includes a tagline, which is ‘Let’s make the world healthy’. The statement represents the brand philosophy and the purpose that the company is committed to. The visuals/color-schemes of the logo are used in various branding collateral. Our logo artists have chosen the colours with utmost vigilance for the brands they design branding collateral for. Same goes for colours used for both the cold pressed oil flavours from the house of HealthOrgOil.

Brand Identity Design Principles

The colours used in branding are deep green, dark brown, Turquoise Blue, white, Yellow ochre and dark brown. The concept behind these colours was to use raw colour shades in the whole branding. Brand identity design calls for using the same color-scheme [used in the logo] in various branding accessories and marketing collateral. Brand identity designing is not just about the color-scheme but also about the symmetry of placement of various elements. The wood cross-section is placed at the same location on all the marketing collateral. WDSOFT Pune's graphic design team created various collateral that include brochure design, product label design, product photography, visiting card design, letterhead design, envelope design and brand website design.

The colour chosen for the coconut flavour is a subtle shade of blue. Evidently, the colour stands for calmness and cool rawness, which one associates with coconut and also wood. The fruit is consumed to beat the heat and stay healthy. Consuming its oil in cold-press form bestows several holistic benefits for family members of all ages, suits all types of food and is devoid of unhealthy synthetic components. Both the flavours, viz. coconut and groundnut oils find appropriate representation though the graphics of the respective fruit and leaves. Further, the illustrators cut the window off from the box so that the inner labels design is visible for adding a heightened effect.

Marketing Collateral Design

Visiting Card Design - The front side of the visiting card features a "slightly desaturated orange" shade of the "Very dark desaturated orange [#643e31]" color used in the logo. The logo is prominently placed at the center with the "wood" [cross-section] placed at the right hand bottom corner. The reverse side of the visiting card has a smaller logo at the center with business details prominently mentioned.

Letterhead and Envelope Design - The letterhead features white background with logo at the top left and contact us and other details in the footer. The envelope design has the same colour scheme used on the visiting card.

Brochure Design - The brochure introduces the product and the company to the customers. The HealthOrgOil brochure cover features grey colour which is considered as "calm" and neutral color in branding. The brochure cover features Illustration Art that shows various exercises to focus on the healthy lifestyle character. The brochure content portrays the product details and the manufacturing process.

Product Label Design - We designed two separate labels for two different oil bottles. The coconut oil bottle label features dark cyan [deep green] color and the groundnut oil bottle label has the dark brown color, both derived from the logo. The standard content of the label are Nutrition Facts, dosage, ingredients, price barcode, QR code, batch number, price etc. Coconuts and Groundnuts feature on the respective labels. The cold-press oil machine and the wood cross-section is standard on all the label designs.

Packaging Design

The groundnut oil flavour packaging has been imparted dark brown shade [light brown shade]. The colour is identical to the skin of a whole groundnut, which is light brown. The objective behind opting for this particular colour for logo design is obviously to evoke connection between the colour and the flavour. Groundnut cold-press oil, like its counterpart- coconut flavour, is also suited to the entire family, can be used for preparation of any cuisine and is wholly pure and unadulterated. Another distinct highlight of the packaging of both the varieties is the cut section of ‘lakdi ghana’ machine at the back. It is incorporated to make known the process employed by HealthOrgOil. A brief write-up to depict the process is also included below the illustration. The packaging design of the oil bottles are identical to the label design. Coconut oil packaging features Turquoise Blue, white color. Groundnut oil packaging features Yellow ochre and dark brown colors. The top fold of the packaging features the logo.

Product Photography - The product photography focuses on the raw ingredients [coconut and groundnut] and their use [various food items]. We did an extensive product shoot for HealthOrgOil. The product photos made their way to the brochure, social media posts and website.

Website and Content - Our website designers created a BRAND website for the HealthOrgOil Pune. Our content writers created affluent content for the website. Content marketing strategy is implemented through well-written and targeted blog posts. The website is SEO-enabled as well as in-sync with HealthOrgOil's other branding collateral.

Social Media Post Design - Our graphic designers and content writers created captivating graphics for social media platforms. We ran several organic and paid campaigns on Facebook and Instagram as a part of social media branding exercise. Social Media post designs feature alluring graphics, branding taglines and informative content. The social media posts focused on the benefits of the pressed-oil manufacturing process, raw materials of the products and how they are sourced. We published over 3500+ posts on Instagram. The posts garnered over 6530 followers on Instagram.

Advertising Solutions

We created a plethora of creating advertising campaigns for the Cold-pressed Oil Manufacturer, ranging from social media ads to outdoor ads [hoarding flex].


HealthOrgOil has justly portrayed the essence of both the varieties of the cold-pressed oil it has crafted. The quality is wholly natural, pure and enriching, which is suitably reflected in the way it is presented. The efforts show in the logo and colours chosen thoughtfully to represent products of such standing. It is sure to facilitate HealthOrgOil spread awareness about the several health benefits of using cold-pressed oil and achieve its aim to ‘make world healthy’.

Logo Designed for Kalyatatva Cold Pressed [Lakdi Ghana] Oil Manufacturer






About the Client

Kalyatatva based in Pimpri Chinchwad near Pune, has a wide range of organic products such as homemade spices, natural and unprocessed food products, cold-pressed oils.

Logo Design Theme

Our logo designers created a logo that features orange and green colours. "Kalya'' in Kalyatatva means health and the colon orange is associated with health and balance. An icon of a man in green symbolizes a connection to nature in the logo. The logo sums up the core of the brand – to live a balanced, healthy life in a natural, organic way. To connect directly with the audience, we used Marathi Devanagari calligraphy in a monogram.

As an organic brand, Kalyatatva's products are rooted in our culture and tradition and are good for health. In the logo, brown and green colours are used to symbolize earthiness and the roots of health. A leafy element grows from the letter 't' in green, representing the idea of growing a healthy, sustainable life with Kalyatatva. The simple, yet attractive font style makes the monogram appealing and modern.

An abstract icon for this specific logo consists of a small circle representing life in brown colour. Leaves represent health all contained inside a larger circle that resembles a seed attached to the title, Kalyatatva, in Devanagari calligraphy, symbolizing the roots. To sum up the monogram logo – how seed and leaves grow from roots, in a similar way a healthy life grows from products beneficial to health.

Kalyatatva being embedded into the natural element, only green colour is featured by our logo designers. What is unique in this basic monogram logo is – its purity and organic touch added to the handwritten calligraphy style making it enchanting.

Our logo designers used green and orange colour in modern font style creating modern, untangled and pleasing monogram. In green colour the text ‘Kalyatatva’ is featured symbolising life, the letter ‘K’ is furbished with leaves in orange colour to reflect health. The combination of these two colours reflects a good healthy life.

In this logo, an icon is added on the top of the text ‘Kalyatatva’ in sea green colour representing energy and freshness which arises through a healthy life. The orange colour represents health. Our logo designers used ‘Samarkan’ font which is a blend of Devanagari and modern font style adding a traditional effect to the monogram.