2023 Definitive “B2B LinkedIn Marketing” Guide & Examples

2023 Definitive “B2B LinkedIn Marketing” Guide & Examples

“LinkedIn is a Niche Platform with Huge Potential”

The transformation of LinkedIn is phenomenal. From a humble professional networking site, it has taken giant strides to be a powerful driving force of business. But LinkedIn often gets lost in the shadow of Google Ads & Facebook marketing. So much so that most B2B marketers under-utilize it. In this article we will explore how B2B companies can use the various tools and the associated B2B marketing tactics.

Some LinkedIn Stats

Benefits of LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

  • LinkedIn plays a crucial role in B2B lead generation. The users can crawl a huge database of prospective customers, with the search function. A pointed search can be done, based on the job locations, professional role, seniority and so on.
  • Positioning your brand as a leader or an influencer can be inspiring. It also enhances the credibility of your brand and makes it more visible.
  • LinkedIn is a great channel to drive more traffic to your website. Optimizing your brand, product or service, by putting relevant posts or blogs is a sure way to get noticed.
  • Sales Navigator is the smartest tool offered by LinkedIn. It can be your own sales manager, with streamlined contact finding process and ease of relationship building.
  • LinkedIn has a huge statistical impact. It boasts of 774 million monthly users. 40% of these make daily use of LinkedIn. LinkedIn drives 50% of social media traffic to blogs and websites. LinkedIn ads have a proven track record of more than 6.1% conversion rate in the B2B segment. Google Ads have a conversion rate of just 2.6%.

How to plan the best LinkedIn content strategy?

First and the foremost, identify your purpose and define your objectives. Your objectives should be SMART- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-based. Then review your competition on LinkedIn, their strategy, posting frequency, type of initiatives, their hashtags, strengths and so on. Also, review your brand’s previous performance on LinkedIn.

Going a step ahead, plan your content time-table in advance. Identify the important days and make interesting advertising content according to them. Create interesting themes and structure your content around them, to make it more engaging. Then, it’s time to analyse your followers, their number, their engagement rate, clicks you get, video views you receive and so on.

Effective B2B LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

As LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, your marketing approach, too, needs to be corporate and professional. LinkedIn marketing is not emotional, personal or poetic, like Facebook or Instagram. It is a very mature and focused content. Here are some effective B2B LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to maximize your impact.

Create a unique company page

Your company page is your first impression. Let it be unique, captivating and crisp. Structure it as a lead generation page. Use a striking image and appealing company content. In B2B marketing, information is the key. So, make your company page informative and useful.

Host Live Videos of Industry Leadership

Organize live sessions of the industry leaders who can influence your target audience. Interviews of industry leaders can also be very relevant and impact the decision making. Such topic specific content is highly beneficial for B2B LinkedIn Marketing.

Create and Share Meaningful Content

Create content rich videos, articles, interviews or blogs that bring out the best of your brand. Share a good variety of informative and engaging content on your company as well as profile page. It builds your brand persona and increases its recall value.

Let your team be Influencers

A company is made of a team. So, put your best team forward. In the B2B scenario, the influencers who are strong in excellence, experience and expertise, can work wonders in increasing the followers. Content created and shared by the employees adds more value and highlights the company credibility. The employee engagement also increases your reach and response.

Post well designed LinkedIn Ads

Keep in mind that, in the B2B industry LinkedIn offers you the audience of decision makers, policy makers and customers. To win and retain their trust, building reliability and commitment, is a necessary prerequisite. Let your advertising do the work. Get it done from a professional digital agency, which can think strategically with you, for you.

Other Important B2B LinkedIn strategies

  • Publish quality articles, showcase your case studies, success stories, market research and other important data.
  • Build an organic reach for your brand, to optimize the result of your communication
  • Retarget the visitors who have visited your website, on LinkedIn and try to convert them into customers
  • Create innovative and original content ideas, since content is king
  • Be consistent in creating and posting your content
  • Integrate attractive multimedia including videos and imagery in your content, to make it more appealing
  • Make sure that your updates section is click-friendly and focussed on conversion
  • Use smart hashtags and post at the right time

If your B2B LinkedIn strategy is well chalked out, no one can stop you. Sky’s the limit for your growth. WDSOFT Pune is well equipped to carve a result-oriented LinkedIn strategy for your brand, product or service. With our teamwork, we develop, design and deliver, what’s best for you.

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