A 2023 Guide for Impactful PPT Presentation Design | PPT Design Tips, Ideas, Do’s and Don’ts

A 2023 Guide for Impactful PPT Presentation Design | PPT Design Tips, Ideas, Do’s and Don’ts

2023 PPT Presentation Guide

PPT Design Ideas | Business Presentation Design Guide and Tips

Businesses have to design PPT Presentations in a way that grabs audience attention, and to make the audience get involved in the presentations. It is necessary to make presentations engaging, informative, motivational, educative, and influential. Business Presentations are made for Sales Pitch, Training, Internal Communication Programs etc. Today, PPTs and Presentations are dominated by info-graphics and imagery. Using the power of words and images, presentations engage the audience and maintain attention. A well-crafted presentation also indicates professionalism and leads to enhancing an organization’s corporate identity.

Enclosing the above points carries the Presentation’s energy towards communication, this would impact audience’s likings, interests, judgements, decision-making etc. PPT Presentation designs with the Striking images, clear bullet points, and summarized content can create a greater impact than an individual trying to make the same point by just talking.


PPT Design TIP 1 – What to Consider when Designing Business PPTs


  • Keep a track of what has been done to bring out something original always.
  • Choosing a perfect and reasonable design for your business PPT is crucial  since the design is to grab the target audience’s attention.
  • The design elements have been relevant to your business whether it is a product or service you are providing , presentation’s purpose was to convey the message but in 2023 not only conveying but fascinating the audience.
  • Pay Additional Attention to Choose Your Business PPT’S Designs
  • In current market there is no place for dull and boring presentations, and in 2023 it will get more challenging to create a hype in market but with the innovative presentations we can excite our target mass by using
  • VR ( virtual reality ) Content
  • Mesmerizing Motion Graphics
  • Suitable Attractive Animations
  • Video Content / storytelling
  • 3D Images
  • Customized template / themes
  • Short films
  • Memes
PPT design by wdsoft advertising agency
A Company Profile PPT Prepared by WDSOFT for Veritas Engineers and Erectors Pvt. Ltd. The PPT portrays the key USPs of the Organization, Business Verticals it serves, Services etc. The Company Profile PPT also gives a glimpse of the Organization’s Infrastructure.


PPT Design TIP 2 – What Colours to Choose to Make an Ideal Business Presentation

“People make a subconscious judgment about a product, within 90 seconds of viewing and between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on colour alone”

 – Diane E. Moir

Make Colour a Trademark!
We have seen many successful firms using colours as their trademark, its audience’s subconscious mind that recognises the brand just by glimpsing a particular shade of a colour. Ex. Purple reminds us of Cadbury, red with yellow subconsciously reminds us of McDonalds. Green with white is for Starbucks. Hence choosing a colour to represent your brand or product is a breakthrough.

How and why to find reasonable colours for Business Presentations
Colours are expressive, indicative and communicative. You can express your product or service in your business presentation just by involving representative colours hence choosing reasonable colours leads you to make an ideal business presentation.

To choose perfect representative colours the professional PPT designers need to understand your business’s lifeblood and find its reflection in colours. The awareness of colours depends on one person’s subconscious mind and understanding, but applies to the mass. There are immense theories and examples about colour theories and physiology, going through it will contribute to your business presentation to make it a perfect representative of your business.

For example,
Colour Red indicates danger and also Red colour is most used colour to express love, finishing line, and target, deadline, emergency. Green colour is a symbol of nature, safety, Wealth, Growth, care, purity and cleanliness; hence the brand Dettol has been using colour green from the very beginning.

Blue colour is often used to demonstrate ocean, water, hugeness, sky, depth etc. The colour brown signifies soil, nature, chocolate, richness, class, wildness. Yellow is to show freshness, sun, beginnings, fruitiness, smartness, light, warm, hot etc.

White is a positive colour which is often associated with Cleanliness, Innocence, Goodness, Calmness, Simplicity, Efficiency, but also too much of white will show Emptiness, Dullness.

PPT design by wdsoft advertising agency
The Opening Slide of the Corporate PPT features the slogan of the Company “Committed to Commitments”. The 10-Slide PPT gives the overview of the company which includes the Core Competency, Management, History, Products and Services etc. Essem PPT Design

PPT Design TIP 3 – What Colours NOT to use in a Business Presentation

As we discussed how meaningful it is to choose the right colours to enhance your business presentation, it is also important to avoid colours that could demolish your presentation’s impression. Irrelevant colours, vibrant shades, unpleasant colour combinations should be avoided strictly.

Here are some combinations to avoid:

  • Red and Green
  • Orange and Blue
  • Red and Blue

These colour combinations don’t look incorporated, this could distract the viewers and could be the reason for decreasing the audience engagement.


PPT DESIGN TIP 4 – Suggested Colour Assortment for Business PPT Presentations


Dark Background with Light Text and Graphics

  • Background – a dark blue (navy shade) or Dark Purple
  • Text and Graphics – white or yellow
  • Accent Colours – red, lime green, camel orange, light blue

Light Background with Dark Text and Graphics

  • Background – warm beige

Text and Graphics – dark blue, black, dark purple

  • Accent Colours – dark green, burgundy

Here are some colours suitable for professional business presentations you can get from eyedrop tab of PowerPoint

  • Colour 1- Red (Red- 224, Green- 69, Blue-86)
  • Colour 2- Dark Red (Red- 43, Green- 21, Blue- 21)
  • Colour 3- Grey (Red- 242, Green- 242, Blue- 242)
  • Colour 4- Dark Grey (Red- 127, Green-127, Blue- 127)
  • Colour 5- Plum (Red- 184, Green- 13, Blue- 72)
  • Colour 6- Orange (Red- 242, Green- 151, Blue- 36)
  • Colour 7- Dark Teal (Red- 43, Green- 106, Blue- 108)
  • Colour 8- Dark Grey (Red- 64, Green- 64, Blue- 64)
  • Colour 9- Aqua (Red- 131, Green- 211, Blue- 212)
  • Colour 10 – Dark Teal (Red- 45, Green-129, Blue- 131)
  • Colour 11- Dark Red (Red- 145, Green- 12, Blue- 7)
  • Colour 12 – Orange (Red- 244, Green- 129, Blue- 83)
  • Colour 13 – Dark Green (Red- 42, Green-50, Blue- 46)
  • Colour 14 – Tan (Red- 216, Green- 203, Blue- 187)
  • Colour 15 – Blue-Gray (Red- 33, Green- 36, Blue- 39)
  • Colour 16 – Brown (Red- 141, Green- 128, Blue- 111)
  • Colour 17- Turquoise (Red- 39, Green-195, Blue- 243)
  • Colour 18- Dark Teal (Red- 12, Green-113, Blue- 133)
  • Colour 19- Dark Teal (Red- 5, Green- 112, Blue- 145)
  • Colour 20- Dark Blue (Red- 3, Green- 52, Blue- 83)
  • Colour 21- Black (Red- 0, Green- 0, Blue-0)
  • Colour 22- Dark Blue (Red- 2, Green- 81, Blue- 150)
  • Colour 23- Orange/Mustard (Red- 253, Green- 179, Blue- 56)
  • Colour 24- Gold (Red- 254, Green- 174, Blue- 2)
  • Colour 25- Brown (Red- 110, Green- 54, Blue- 42)
  • Colour 26- Light Yellow (Red- 241, Green-226, Blue- 160)
  • Colour 27- Dark Purple (Red- 32, Green-12, Blue- 37)


PPT Design TIP 5 – What Fonts to Choose to Make an Ideal Business Presentation


Fonts are the ornament for your presentation; fonts should enhance the impression of presentation. It is the designer’s responsibility to select the appalling font for a presentation. While selecting a perfect font for a business presentation the designer should keep a few things in mind.

  • Use simple and easy to read fonts.
  • Understand the font, pay attention if the font is relevant to your topic, Whether it is formal or informal.
  • If you are presenting something serious and formal, go for basic formal fonts.
  • If something fun, dramatic, story based is to present then the designer goes for styled fonts,
  • Choosing a font depends on the content.
  • After selecting a font the next step to take is selecting the right colour for the font, it should be visible and appealing. The colour of a font and background wall must be a decent combination.
  • The font size also matters the most to make a presentation ideal. the headline is going to catch the attention , it has to be appealing .The font size of the headline should always be bigger than other texts, you can choose colours and gestures for headlines.
  • You can choose two different fonts in a single presentation it is called as font pairing , the paired fonts should be complementary fonts.
  • You can also add effects to your font like making it bold, underlined, shadow, and italic, bullets points, highlighting etc.
  • The designer uses “powerfont” and “typeface” To make titles or company names stand out.

Avoid these things while selecting the fonts to make a best business presentation

  • Strictly avoid using fancy fonts, which are not easily readable.
  • Never use more than two different types of fonts in a single presentation
  • Don’t blend the background’s colour with the font colour. Keep the combination contrast.
  • Don’t use multiple numbers of sizes in a single presentation.
  • Never use numbers of effects in a presentation such as bold, underlined, shadow, and italic, bullet points, highlighting etc.
  • Do not use all caps. It makes an AGGRESSIVE IMPRESSION!
  • Keep your font, font colour and font size aligned, neat and clean.
PPT design by wdsoft advertising agency
This 10-Slide Corporate Presentation of an Import Export Company based in Pune INDIA. The Corporate PPT focuses on the Core Values, Mission, Vision & Areas of Operation.

Suggested Fonts for Business Presentation

Choose standard fonts for a business presentation.

  • Sans-serif and Serif fonts
  • Calibri
  • Tahoma
  • Gill Sans
  • Garamond
  • Times New Roman
  • Constantia
  • Rockwell
  • Futura

You can choose different relevant font styles for a title but for a rest of text stick to standard fonts. Above fonts are neutral, simple and easy to read , these standard fonts give you a clear and simple approach. These fonts have pleasing appeal which are appropriate for a business presentation .

  • While preparing the presentation for today’s market the basic but crucial element has to be taken care of.
  • Use natural reading layouts, keep it simple yet attractive. make sure you are guiding audience towards the stretchered flow
  • Use modest and reasonable colours and theme, prefer complementary colours family
  • Remember “less is more”.
  • Use decent fonts, keep the font size uniform
  • Adding images to your presentations supports the communication between you and the audience. A Relatable, Authentic, and Inspirational image adds value to your presentations.
  • Add numbers and facts to your presentation when needed.
  • Use tables and graphs to present data.


PPT Design TIP 6 – PPT Design Do’s and Don’ts


  • Use only high quality images , clip arts, videos, graphics , do not settle for poor quality.
  • Use informative and analyzed content and user reader friendly language, do not put information without studying and verifying, avoid using difficult language.
  • Use humor to keep the audience engaged and entertained, do not bring irrelevant topics.
  • Add interactive questions to your presentation, it is the smartest way to keep your audience engaged.
  • Keep your business presentation neat and clean. Avoid using too many elements.

Reaching out to the professionals PPT designers pulls the most precise results to your business presentations.


Professional PPT Design Services

WDSOFT Offers Professional Presentation / PPT Design Services. We are proficient in designing Corporate PPTs, Marketing / Sales Pitches, Internal Presentations, PowerPoint PPT Presentations etc.

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