Home Decor Brochure Design Ideas and Example

Home Decor Brochure Design Ideas and Example

Home is where heart is. Naturally, home decor is a very personalized topic, which involves various choices and tastes. When the home decor companies make their marketing communication, their focus is to reach out to the customers with their variety and exclusivity.

Today social media marketing is the buzzword. Still the print media including brochures has its own uses and benefits. They are user-friendly, can be retained for future use and are perfect for capturing the attention of the customers. Brochures are a comprehensive marketing tools which consist of vital information about your brand including the logo, vision, mission, values, company overview, your strengths, team and contact info.

Benefits of brochures

  • They can be print brochures as well as e-brochures
  • They are easy to distribute and circulate at different locations
  • Brochures can give collective overview of your brand, product or services in one single collateral
  • They are cost effective and can be customized to fit your budget
  • They are a creative blend of visuals and content, making they attractive, reader-friendly and easy to recall
  • Brochures establish your brand philosophy and credibility

Home Decor Brochure Design Ideas

If as a corporate company, you are looking for excellent home decor brochure design ideas, we have some important tips and recommendations. With a well-designed home decor brochure with excellent product value, you can leave a lasting impression on potential customers or partners. Here are some tips to execute home decor brochure design ideas.

  • Keep it simple and functional. Simple, clean and modern design is very effective. The classy design should be functional as well.
  • One of the striking home decor brochure design ideas is a leaner brochure, which can stretch out in different ways. This makes it easier to view the entire brochure as a whole, instead of flipping through pages.
  • You can even add some physical items such as a CD, a DVD or inserts in your brochure and display it in a creative design. A pop up is a good idea.
  • An interactive, three-dimensional brochure with innovative use of shapes, can go well with the glory or uniqueness of your home decor range. The pages of the home decor brochure need not just be rectangles or squares. They can be circles, triangles, hearts as well.
  • Use materials that befit your brochure design perfectly. Home decor is all about materials and creativity. So why not explore some unique material for your brochure? Try a recyclable ‘green’ material or a glamorous glossy material. The idea is to experiment.
  • Use unique textures or textured patterns as your home decor brochure design ideas. Such design treatment transforms the brochure into a rich visual experience.
  • Think out of the box. break conventions. Make smart use of perspectives. Do this as per the style and personality of your home decor product range.
  • Make the strategic use of Die cuts. They can be used in various interesting ways to create a unique effect and make the home decor brochure design stand out.

Home Decor Brochure Design Example: Bella Homes

WDSOFT Pune is a leading, professional branding agency in Pune. We have designed brochures for a wide range of clients from different domains. Bella Homes is a prestigious client of WDSOFT Pune. We have designed a home decor brochure for Bella Homes.

Bella Homes is offering a signature collection of home fashion products Since 1992. The products are a fine blend of international style and Indian aesthetics. They are ultra-premium and elegant, designed with the best of material and artistry. The range includes Home furnishings, carpets and floor mats, wall art, furniture, quilts and comforters, veneers and laminates, accessories, art pieces and gifting ideas etc.

Bella Homes believes in creating enriching experiences for everyone, and WDSOFT Pune ensured that this philosophy was reflected in the brochure design. The Task of WDSOFT was two-fold, Branding for Home Decor Company and Branding for Luxury Brand.

Bella Homes is an exclusive and exotic brand. So, it was of utmost importance to keep the brand persona intact and develop the brochure around this central idea. The home decor brochure of Bella Homes was developed in-house. The content for Home Decor Business and Website is developed in-house by the expert content writers of WDSOFT Pune, with detailed brief, inputs and reviews from the client.

We kept the brochure concise and to the point. All the major aspects were covered in this 8-page creation. The vibrant black and golden colour combination signified royalty and luxury of the brand and the store. The layout was neat and artistic. Our in-house content writers developed The About Us, Vision and Mission of Bella Homes. The Bella Homes brochure turned out to be a crisp yet complete communication.

Home Decor businesses depend on luxury and style. They have to reach as many people as possible to expand their reach. So, a beautifully crafted brochure is a great idea. If you want to explore exclusive home decor brochure design ideas and example, do get in touch with WDSOFT Pune. We have a just right solution for you and your business.

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