Groundnut Oil Logo & Label Design by WDSOFT

Groundnut Oil Logo & Label Design by WDSOFT
Groundnut Oil Logo Design
Groundnut Oil Logo & Label Design
Groundnut Oil Logo & Label Design

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Groundnut Oil Logo & Label Design

WDSOFT, Pune's leading branding agency, was entrusted with Kalyatatva Oils' crucial branding to WDSOFT. India's leading Food branding agency, was entrusted with Kalyatatva Oils' crucial branding. The challenging task included designing logos and labels for Groundnut and Mustard Oils. Our dedicated team approached the project with precision and professionalism, resulting in a successful outcome. Explore the case study below.

About the Client

Kalyatatva, is a Pune-based manufacturer of pure, natural, and chemical-free Groundnut oils, including groundnut, mustard, sesame, safflower, sunflower, and coconut oils. 

The edible oil manufacturing company understands the importance of nourishing a family and hence produces 100% chemical-free oil suitable for all age groups. These farm-fresh oils ensure a nutritious and delicious culinary experience. The traditional wooden mill extraction method retains the essential nutrients in the oils. The absence of heat, mechanical processing, or chemicals makes sure that only the purest and safest oils are consumed. 

The best part of the Kalyatatva philosophy is that the company believes in educating and enlightening people about the priceless benefits of using pure edible cold-pressed oils into the cooking routine. Kalyatatva has a strong and loyal consumer base, in all sections of society. Health-conscious and quality-focused consumers trust these oils for daily use.  


Brand Development Challenge

While crafting the Groundnut Oil Logo Design, Groundnut Oil Label Design, Mustard Oil Logo Design, and Mustard Oil Label Design, we put our creative vision and strategic insight to work. The priority was to absorb the essence of the company, its core values, and goals, and create branding solutions that take forward Kalyatatva's mission. 

Oil is a product with rising competition. The challenge was to stand out on the shelf among the clutter of other bottles, with our logo and label. Also, the label needed to convey the Kalyatatva oil’s strong points, mainly its natural and nutritious angle.  

We worked on each branding element in detail. From designing the logo to creating an attractive label, every step was executed with finesse and precision. The collaborative spirit, open communication, focus on creative ideas, and timely feedback were combined together. WDSOFT's efforts translated into a visually appealing and cohesive label and logo design.


Product Types

Groundnut Oil

Groundnut oil is a multi-faceted oil. It is a boon for heart patients, since it lowers bad LDL cholesterol levels. It contains Vitamin E, an antioxidant, which protects cells, enhances beauty of the skin, and boosts overall immunity. Groundnut oil has healthy fats, and is a good source of energy. 

High-quality, Cold-pressed Kalyatatva Groundnut Oil by Kalyatatva offers maximum health benefits. It has a high smoke point, making it suitable for various cooking methods, including deep-frying. It also helps in insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control.

Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which reduce the risk of heart disease. It has anti-inflammatory properties. Massaging with warm mustard oil may help relieve joint pain and muscle soreness. This unique oil is also great for strengthening the hair and moisturizing the skin. The mustard oil has the capacity to fight against harmful bacteria and fungi.

Discover all these and more health benefits with Kalyatatva's premium Kalyatatva Cold-pressed Mustard Oil. Sourced from the finest mustard, this oil retains its nourishing goodness, adding a great flavour to your meals while promoting heart health, skin radiance, and overall well-being. Embrace the natural goodness of Kalyatatva’s wholesome mustard oil and take culinary experience to new heights of health and taste.


Groundnut Oil Logo Design Principles

Your logo reveals your brand story in a very impactful way. A striking and memorable logo has a delightful balance of basic logo essentials- namely the colour palette, shape, font, space, layout and concept. Logo design begins with a well-planned strategy about the brand vision and the way to take it forward. Let’s have a look at some fundamental logo design principles. 

  • Simplicity: It makes the logo easy to understand, apply and recall. Excellent space management and maximization makes the logo elegant and memorable. 
  • Uniqueness: A logo should be unique. An original concept, genuine creation and reliable application, make a successful logo that stands the test of time. 
  • Timelessness: Making a modern yet timeless logo is a blend of science and art. A truly timeless logo is ingrained in the minds of the consumers, like an emblem of a specific quality. 
  • Versatility: The logo needs to adapt to various media, content collaterals, and design variations. It should go with any colour and background. 
  • Balance: A logo should be beautifully balanced and proportionate. It should create a harmonious composition that is sensible and attractive. 

Our Logo designers followed these elements in designing Kalyatatva’s Kalyatatva Groundnut Oil Logo Design and Mustard Oil Logo Design.


Shapes & Elements in the Ground Oil Logo

As a trusted logo design company in Pune, WDSOFT crafted a logo for Kalyatatva that effectively connects with the target audience and encapsulates the brand's core values and products. This emblem is a representation of the oil as a natural, nourishing and pure entity.

The Kalyatatva logo features two deep and desaturated colors: a rich orange [#643e31], symbolizing vitality and energy, and a profound cyan [#14514B], reflecting purity and cleanliness - both essential aspects of the product and brand.

The experts at WDSOFT considered three elements crucial to the product - a leaf from the groundnut plant, an oil bottle, and a cross-section of a coconut tree trunk. These elements are artistically blended together with a fresh green leaf at the center, surrounded by a cold-pressed oil bottle and a wooden log that symbolizes ‘Lakdi Ghana’ and the coconut tree. The design of the logo is contemporary and the graphic treatment is elegant. 

The brown color of the wood log stands for the cold-pressed and authentic nature of the product. The elements are in sync with each other and combine to create the emblem of brand Kalyatatva and its commitment to vitality, purity, and natural goodness. The Kalyatatva logo comes on the label of both groundnut and mustard oil labels. 


The Logo signifies:
  • Purity
  • Naturalness
  • Authenticity
  • Quality
  • Sustainability
  • Well-being


Brand Identity Principles

Brand identity is different from brand image. Brand image is how a brand is perceived, while brand identity is how the brand is designed. Brand identity consists of the main components which define as well as differentiate the brand. If the brand identity has good recall value, the brand becomes a success. You should follow major brand identity principles as mentioned below:

  • The purpose and mission of your brand and what you want to achieve and offer to the customers
  • Your brand persona with its traits, qualities, characteristics, and personality attributes such as modern, vibrant, friendly and so on 
  • Visual identity of the brand which includes the logo, colour palette, fonts, typography, and the imagery used
  •  Consistent and clear brand communication that creates a genuine brand experience across all media
  • Strong focus on the brand’s core values and philosophy
  • Authenticity of thoughts, promises, actions, and truthful endeavours
  • Emotional connection with the audience impacting their decision-making process
  • Flexibility to adapt to diverse contexts and latest trends, making sure that the brand stays relevant and appealing
  • Uniqueness of the brand with strong differentiating factors and highlight on USPs

By implementing fundamental brand identity principles, the company can build a credible and enduring brand that touches millions of hearts, and lives.


Theme of the Label Design

WDSOFT worked on the Groundnut Oil and Mustard Oil Label Design .  We designed two separate labels for two different oil bottles. The Groundnut Oil Label Design has an image of a bullock cart. A young farmer is carrying groundnut and its pod in the bullock cart. This denotes the freshness of the groundnuts, from the farm to your table. The image is vivid and attractive. The visual is self-explanatory. 

The Mustard Oil Label Design has the appealing visual of a refreshingly yellow mustard field. A lady is sitting and sieving the mustard seeds. The ethos and authentic naturalness of mustard agriculture has brought forth. The look of the label is very ethnic, natural and soothing. 

Both the labels have standard contents such as nutritional facts, ingredients, price barcode, OR code, batch number, price expiry date and so on. We ensured that the theme gave full justice to the product, its purity and quality. 


The WDSOFT Advantage
  • WDSOFT is a reliable and highly professional Branding- Logo Design and Label Design agency, with experience and expertise in Oil Logo Design and Oil Label Design.
  • WDSOFT offers customized, creative and original branding solutions for specific target audiences. 
  •  The agency delivers creative packaging
    , logo, and label designs that make the product stand out on the shelf, and enhance its uniqueness. 
  • WDSOFT is a reputed Brand Identity Design Agency with insights into market dynamics and current trends. We research, analyse and strategize to build a profitable brand of your oil product.
  • We have a rich portfolio of prestigious clients who trust us for their brand building and communication, 

Partner with WDSOFT for your branding needs, and will design, develop, and deliver creative branding solutions that will delight you as well as your consumers. Contact us today for transformative branding solutions for your business.